4 Types Of Controversial Content That Are Allowed On Facebook

With over 2.2 billion active users, there is no doubt that Facebook is leading the world of social media along with other popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. The recent scam of Cambridge Analytica raised many questions about the data privacy policy of Facebook and therefore it took the impossible task of deciding what people can do and cannot do in the giant community. You should know that a change in Facebook policy affects more people than the first amendment.

On Tuesday, Facebook finally made its full content guideline public. This is the first time when Facebook did so because earlier, even after the presence of content guideline, it was not allowed to be viewed by the public and that raised a lot of questions regarding its policy.

The public content guideline has been drafted by Facebook employees by taking help from several academics, lawyers and non-governmental organization. The new content guideline has focused on the standardization of 22 categories of content ranging from hate speech to violent content.

But Facebook has also made some exceptions for some controversial content in their new content guideline which has been made public and in this blog post, we will look at 4 types of controversial content that are allowed on Facebook.

Live Videos of Suicide

Nothing can be much controversial than a live video of a person committing suicide and to support the idea of a safe environment, Facebook generally takes strict actions and removes any type of self-harming video. But if now live videos of suicide will not be removed from Facebook so that the authorities and his closed ones can be helped out.

Bullying on Social Media

Under the bullying section of Facebook, it has been clearly mentioned that Facebook will ban contents which will intentionally target an individual for harming them or degrading them. But this rule is not applicable to famous people or public figures. But if you will go too far, then your content can be removed on the basis of other mentions of the content guideline such as a threat.

Sharing Hate Speech

The policy of Facebooks towards hate speech is very much clear, any type of hate speech based on race, sexual orientation, religion and other categories which are protected by law, will be immediately banned. But if you are sharing a hate speech with the purpose of spreading awareness, then that content will not be banned.

Pictures of Dismembered Human Bodies

If you talk about the general policy of Facebook then any type of graphic violence is not allowed. But if someone is uploading a video of slicing his ears or setting himself on fire and the purpose of the video is related to medical study or political issue then Facebook is fine with it.

All these above-mentioned exceptions in the category of Facebook controversial content are beyond someone’s understanding. While some exceptions like in the case of suicidal video still make sense, but most of the exceptions are allowing controversial videos to be allowed on Facebook in one form or another.


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