5 Important Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

One thing that amazes us about Minecraft is that you cannot buy everything you desire in it. Certain things that are crucial for survival in Minecraft can be obtained by applying specific recipes and skills. One thing is for sure; this game tests the skill and strategies of the game. Not everything is available here through in-app purchases. We are not belittling in-app purchases; they have their own place in the game. But, if everything that is needed to master the game is available through IAP, the game becomes really boring and unenjoyable.

Unlike modern games, Minecraft offers players to create specific items in the game by using specific recipes. This method of creating and acquiring useful items allows the player to strategize their moves and inventory. They have to plan to acquire ingredients required to craft intended items. Mostly these recipes are called crafting recipes as they involve crafting tables. The Minecraft usually provides a 2×2 crafting table to users. However, if a player needs, which he will, to create some advanced items, there is a 3×3 crafting grid as well. 

Top 5 Crafting Recipes

The Minecraft offers a myriad of crafting recipes, maybe thousands, if we consider different versions of the same item. It allows the player to create unique versions of the same item, like adding different shapes, colors, flames, textures, etc. These effects can be achieved by tweaking a few ingredients here and there. In essence, the fundamental recipe remains the same for the item. However, with few tweaks in the way ingredients are used, a different and unique looking product can be crafted. 

We are not going to talk about each and every recipe today because that is going to be a really tedious task. However, we will mention the top 5 important crafting recipes in Minecraft that you may need on a daily basis in your survival journey. Without any further ado, let’s go through the list.

1. Furnace

Furnaces are a go-to block when it comes to cooking food or smelting ores. They are also used as ingredients in blast furnace Minecraft recipe and smoker Minecraft recipe. They cannot be acquired by mining, but using the crafting table. Naturally, furnaces can be generated in a blacksmith’s house in a village. Before the introduction of furnaces in the Minecraft, food was cooked using the fire and so with the smelting. When furnaces are right-clicked, you will see their own custom smelting menu comprised of three fields, one for the item to be smelted, another for fuel, and the last one for output.

To craft the furnace, you should possess eight cobblestones or blackstones. Once stones are in place, open the 3×3 crafting table, fill every cell of it with stones, leaving the middle cell empty. Once the pattern is followed, you will see the furnace in the right cell.


2. Torch

In any survival-based game, running into dark places is quite normal. Minecraft is no different in this case. When in dark places or caves, you will desire to light that area a little. In this context, the torch becomes useful. The torch not only lights up the place you are in but also keeps mobs and monsters that are afraid of light away. 

The recipe for creating the torch involves very few ingredients, just two, one is a stick, and another is charcoal. To create it, open the crafting table, and put the stick in one of the cells and place the charcoal just above it. Once the pattern is followed, you will receive the torch on the right side of the table.

minecraft torch crafting recipe

3. Stonecutter

Have you ever thought of an alternative to crafting table? If yes, the stonecutter is the one. Like crafting table, a stonecutter can also be used to create stone-based items, including stone bricks, stone-staircase, etc. In a nutshell, anything out of cobblestones can be created but not furnace, stonecutter, and tools with the help of stonecutters. 

To create a stonecutter, you need only 4 cobblestones. Just place them one by one in each block in a squared fashion, starting from the top left box.

stonecutter crafting recipe

4. Bow and Arrow

For now, we have covered items for cooking, smelting, lighting, etc. But what about protecting yourself from enemies. It is obvious to think about weapons and tools to fight off the enemies in a survival game. As a basic weapon, you can use melee, but you have to get into physical proximity to attack the enemy. However, there is an alternative to this approach, i.e., use a bow and an arrow to attack the enemy. 

In the case of bow and arrows, there are a few things you must consider before using them. These are charge of a bow, damage given by them, and crafting recipe of both. The more the charge of the bow, the more it is powerful, the higher it will damage the opponent. As the bow charges, string pulls further backward. The ability of an arrow to go as far as it can depend upon the charge of the bow. Also, the camera will zoom in more on the target in case of a higher charge.

To craft the bow and an arrow, follow the pattern with sticks, strings, flints, and feathers as ingredients. 

minecraft bow and arrow crafting recipe

5. Boats

Till now, we have given enough thought to food, shelter, weapons, etc. What we have not done is considering transportation? Now, let’s go through that one too. As a basic transportation system, a player can walk or sprint. But in some cases, it might not be able to. For those cases, a player needs some kind of transport facility.

There are few options, on is a boat that can be used in oceans or on water bodies. They tend to move faster than the player itself. It is quite easy to build a boat. Boats are very brittle; that means will break easily. They are more suitable for ocean biomes but not for all biomes. They move with the current and can be directed by the player. Mostly, players choose them as their primary transport apart from walking or sprinting.

To create them, you just need 5 blocks of wood, any wood is fine. Please place them in the crafting grid of 3×3 size in U-shaped fashion, as shown in the figure. Once the pattern is followed, you will get the boat.

minecraft boat crafting recipe


So, we have considered the 5 most important crafting recipes in Minecraft. Please bear in mind; this is not the end of all the crafting recipes in Minecraft. These are very few in comparison with the available recipes. In the future, we might consider another list of important recipes, if needed. For now, we hope you would love and appreciate the article and our efforts. If you think we have missed anything, please do comment. Until then, goodbye. Have a nice day ahead.

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