Amazing Features of Android 9.0 That You Need To Know

A Few days back Android released its newest version of the operating system and this time they have named it pie.  It has some new features that were not available in the previous version. For now, Pie is available for the Google’s owned Pixel phones and will come from other phones in the upcoming months.

Here are some of the new features that have been added in Android Pie:

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

In the earlier Android versions, there used to be a three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. In Pie, you can get rid of the standard Back, Home and Recent Buttons and customize a new gesture-based navigation system.  Instead of the other navigation buttons, there will be a pill-shaped button on the home screen.

There are also some new gestures like holding of power and volume buttons to avoid ringing, and the feature to put your phone into silence by turning it over. Android 9 also has an additional option of “Accessibility menu” that will show the most commonly used functions like Google Assistant, notification shade, and screenshot function when tapped.

Digital Wellbeing

One major thing included in Pie is Digital wellbeing. For this, Google has implemented a couple of handy features that will help the phone users limit the amount of time they spend on their phone. One such feature added is Google dash that helps the users to track the total time they spend on their phone. With Dashboard, you will be able to know how much time you spend on messaging, playing games, surfing the internet, playing videos, etc.

Another feature introduced is the wind-down mode that will allow the user to set the time when they to go to bed and the phone will automatically switch the to do-not- disturb mode and turn the screen into a grey-scale, thereby encouraging the users to turn down their phone before going to bed.

Enhanced Bluetooth

Android 8.0 (Oreo) allowed the users to connect to two different speakers simultaneously. Guess what? You will be getting something better in Android 9. In Android 9, the users can connect their phones to 5 speakers at the same time. And Android 9 will resume with the volume that you set up the last time so that you don’t have to face a sudden outburst of loud music.

Enhancements in Android runtime

Another big change that you will see in Android 9 is advanced Android Runtime. The change made in the Android runtime will allow the users to rewrite their files on their phones. This way the files will launch faster and use less memory.

ML kit

Although ML kit is not entirely Android concept, this is the first time it is being introduced in Android 9.0 Pie.  ML kit will allow the phone users to use the camera for things such as face detection, landmark detection, text recognition and for various recognition features.

There are several other changes as well such as adaptive battery and brightness, better security, improved HEIF image compression, improved Job scheduler performance and many small changes.


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