Everything That You Need To Know About Botnets

The internet is an open-source of numerous information as well as threats. However, most of the threats are just productive technologies that are used by hackers for evil purposes. Today, the internet is prone to several threats such as the breaking of a user’s account, phishing emails, sending spam messages, spreading fake websites, infecting millions of computers with viruses, and many more. All these things would not be possible to perform without using a botnet.

What is a Botnet?

Basically, a botnet is a set of infected computers that are connected together to perform certain tasks. It might look quite simple and harmless but is considered to be the backbone of some of the most damaging attacks caused by hackers.

A botnet depends on two things to work properly – first, it requires a large number of infected devices known as “Zombies” to carry out the work that has been planned by the hackers. Secondly, it demands someone to take control of the network and command them to do something.

As the botnets are so widespread, there are actually two ways of becoming a victim of a botnet- either you can get attacked by the botnet scheme or your device could join the hacker network.

Ways to protect your device from Botnets

Most of the victims that are infected by botnets have even no clue that their system security has been hacked.  However, there are some important steps that can be taken to protect your device from botnet attacks when using the internet online.

Keep your operating system updated

One of the best ways to protect your system from any kind of malware attacks is by keeping your system updated. Growth Hacker generally find the loophole of the existing operating system to install botnets. You can set your system to update automatically. This way you will be sure that your system is running on the latest version.

Install a good antivirus

Well, any computer system that is running without protection software is prone to online attacks.  Therefore, it is important that your device is equipped with a quality antivirus tool. It will protect the system by preventing attacks, removing files that pose a threat, and alert you when about to be attacked.

Stay away from email attachments from a suspicious or unknown source

Emails are the most commonly used platform by the cybercriminals to infect viruses. Therefore, it is important that you don’t open any unnecessary email attachments if you are not completely sure about it. Even analyze the emails of your friends and family because in many cases botnets use the contact list of the user to send spam or malware.

Try to avoid downloading P2P and files sharing network

If possible, stay away from P2P and file-sharing networks as botnets use these platforms to infect computers. So, scan every downloaded file or documents before using it or find a better and safer way to transfer those files.

As the internet of things is increasing day by day, the chances of botnets attacks are also increasing simultaneously. Eventually, hackers aim for the fruit that is hanging the most. So, if you take some precautionary measures by incorporating some of the basic defense, your system is far from getting attacked.

Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta is a technical content writer, currently associated with Cloudwalks Hosting Inc, a QuickBooks hosting service provider. She spends most of the time of her day in the world of technology, cloud computing & accounting software.

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