Google Explains The 13 Ways In Which We Are Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is playing a big role in transforming the technology. From weather prediction to advance robots like Sophia, AI is transforming our world at a rapid pace. But Artificial Intelligence is not only about the big picture of robots and satellites, but it has been implemented in our day to day life as well.

You might not be aware of it, but you can be using AI right now. Google, the leader in the search engine and many other platforms, has recently published a blog on its official page related to the use of AI in its product and services. In this blog post, Google has demonstrated how Artificial Intelligence is being used by them in 13 different ways.

Other than this, they have mentioned that the concept of AI might sound like a part of a Hollywood movie script, but you are using the advanced technology of AI in your day to day life as well. They have also stated an example of machine learning in which they have told that instead of training the computer that all the spam emails contain the sentence ‘quick weight loss tricks’, you train it on millions of spam content until the computer finds a pattern in all the spams.

This ability to learn patterns is known as machine learning.  So, now let’s go through the some of the different listings of Google in which they have mentioned the work and use of AI. When it comes to Google Photo library, the Pixel 2 uses advanced AI technology for applying the shallow depth of field effects for taking those awesome pics and then in the library, they are shorted intelligently by Google on the basis of object detection.

You also must have noticed that while using the Google Music play, you get personalized recommendations for playing the right music at the right time. These recommendations are based on the advanced AI technology through which Google takes into account the weather and time and then play songs according to your condition like for cooking or watching the sunrise.

The smart reply in Gmail is also a gift of AI through which you can save a lot of time as it suggests the most related lists of three replies in response to the email you have received. After selecting the most appropriate reply, you can quickly send it or can also edit it according to your need.

Another example of the advanced AI technology is the Google Assistant which can help you to answer your numerous questions in multiple languages. Whether you want to know the current football score or listen to a joke, just start a conversation with Google Assistant and enjoy the perks of AI.

If you are able to find the perfect address results in the Google map then you should be thankful to the advanced AI technology as it is used by Google map to read the street names and addresses from billions of Street view images. So, now you must have realized that AI is not a very advance technology, which is used by scientist and tech geeks, but it used by common people in their day to day life as well.


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