Google Has Now Changed Its Messaging Strategy

Google has been struggling with its messaging for a very long time. It has been almost a decade with Google trying to fix and deliver their best messaging platform to the user while on the other hand, iPhone users get the simple and easy to use iMessage which comes built in but the Android users are left to deal with the problems of messaging by themselves.

And now, Google is again making changes for bringing the right messaging platforms to the users on the global level. Google has been quietly confining every cell phone on the planet so that they can become adoptable to the replacement technology of SMS. The new technology is being called as Chat.

The new platform of messaging, Chat is based on a particular standard called “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services”. Google has understood the fact that SMS is a default messaging platform which every Android phone user has to turn to in order to send and receive messages and therefore, they are developing a way to enhance the texting experience of the users in the best possible way.

In order to deliver the new texting platform, Google has announced that it will now pause its recent entry into the texting world Allo. This pause is being considered as a type of pause in which all the resources from the Allo project are being transferred to the new project of Google.

It is very much clear from the messaging strategy of Google that it is not going to copy the iMessage from iPhone, but in order to succeed in the texting world, Google has to firstly accept its defeat.

If you are thinking that Chat is a new texting app, then you are on the wrong side of perception because it is just the existing app which is available on all Android phones with improvements and additions. You can call Chat as the consumer-friendly name for the Rich Communication Service, which automatically gets activated in the Android messages which is the default OS app for messaging.

The users of Chat will get all the facilities of a standard texting platform like the read receipts, typing indicators, group texts and much more. But you need to remember that the Chat platform is just a Rich Communication Service, you should not consider this texting platform as Google Chat which most of the people are likely to do.

Both the receiver and the sender should have Chat enabled in their phone and if your receiver doesn’t have Chat enabled or isn’t an Android user then the text will revert back to SMS which is almost similar to the function of iMessage. It is not clear that when will Apple start accepting text messages from Chat.

Instead of continuing with the Allo or creating a new texting platform, Google is trying to focus on the existing default texting platform and it might prove to be a good messaging strategy if the Chat service is bundled with easy to use features and if it will enhance the user’s experience.



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