How to add the Instagram widget to the website?


There are diverse digital and social media marketing trends growing around with the constantly evolving consumer needs, technologies, and digital landscapes.

Similarly, there is a trend that has been undertone but it is quite effective and resourceful for digital marketing efforts of any business i.e. Embed an Instagram widget on your website.

Embed Instagram Widget on Website: Benefits

Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform among the users and even brands as well. There are over a billion active Instagram users with millions of active brands on Instagram.

The features of Instagram are such that it allows you to promote your brand with maximum efficiency and also the users can explore, share, browse information with the facility of shopping as well.

Especially as a business you have a plethora of opportunities and we have listed some of them below:

  • Promote your products attractively with creative visuals
  • Build an online brand community
  • Encourage and share user-generated content
  • Drive Interaction and engagement with the consumers
  • Hold contests, quizzes, giveaways, and gamification
  • Attract users and reach a wider audience
  • Boost conversions and sales
  • Enhance website efficiency

Besides these benefits, there are also many other benefits that you can unlock by embedding Instagram widget feed on your website.

Embedding Instagram widget might sound like a complex process but it is quite easy and simple to do so and we have mentioned some ways that you can use with minimal investments.

How to Add Instagram Widget on the Website

1. Embed with Instagram Aggregator

The Instagram aggregator is a digital tool that aggregates content from Instagram into a single feed with the functionality of embedding it on your website.

I would recommend you go for Taggbox Instagram Widget, it can gather all the relevant and engaging content especially user-generated content from Instagram using hashtags, handles, profiles, etc.

It is an excellent way to embed an interactive and live Instagram widget on your website where you can customize the feed according to your website theme and requirements using diverse theme options, font design & colors, background, banners, and more.

Also, you can moderate the quality of your content with the moderation panel along with the feature of real-time content updates. This feature comes in handy as the quality of your content is top-notch with fresh, unique, and updated content.

It is a great way to enhance the website vibrancy, channelize traffic, grow your reach & exposure, and build your engagement possibilities on your website.

2. Embed From Instagram

Instagram provides its own embedding option for the website for the feed. You can embed a post from Instagram by accessing this option when you log in from a desktop or laptop device.

It is an extremely simple way to embed the Instagram widget, just go to the post that you want to embed on your website and click on the menu option of the post. You will see the Embed option, select that and it will generate embed code.

Copy the embed code and paste it on the webpage of your website where you want to display it. The downside with this is that you can only embed a single post at a time.

You would have to embed Instagram posts individually if you want to embed multiple Instagram posts. This will require a lot of time and effort which will also take a lot of webpage space.

3. Embed third-party Widgets

There are various options when it comes to adding an Instagram widget or plugin for your website especially if your website is built on WordPress. There are widgets for embedding Instagram as well.

The key advantages of embedding through widgets are that they provide multiple functionalities for customization and moderation to make Instagram feed more engaging and interactive.

You have the choice of multiple layouts, resizing, font & color designs, heights & columns to make it more personalized.

Although there are various functionalities at your disposal but you might have to pay to unlock some of the advanced features for your Instagram widget.

4. Embed Visuals

It is as simple as the name suggests, just take a screenshot of the post that you want to embed on your website and paste in the body section of your chosen webpage.

It is an excellent way to showcase some key posts that might be beneficial for your website and the business-like mentions by famous personalities or promotional tagging by industry influencers or even better – some key positive user-generated posts.

You can even make a collage of multiple posts and showcase them on your website for more creativity and interactivity.

The best part is that it particularly does not violate any guidelines from Instagram and you can show the posts even after it has been deleted or vanished from Instagram.


Embedding Instagram widgets in an emerging trend in the digital marketing ecosystem and you can make the best use of it by embedding social media feeds on websites.


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