How to Build a Laundry Mobile App?

In this fast-paced, technology-driven world where receiving food and groceries on your doorstep is possible, online laundry services could not stay far behind. Mobile apps have brought a lot of convenience and comfort in everyone’s lives. They have enabled people to focus on more important tasks or relax after a tiring day at work instead of returning home to do the house chores.

With the increasing significance of mobile apps for online services, mobile app development companies are gaining importance. These companies are making it easy for businesses to leverage opportunities in the laundry services industry. With the support of mobile app development companies, here are the steps on how to build a laundry mobile app. But before discussing the steps, let’s have a look at the pre-requisites for building a laundry mobile app.

How does a laundry mobile app function?

When developing a laundry mobile app, three separate panels have to be developed, for the customer, the delivery person, and the laundry service

Customer Panel

The customer app enables customers to place an order for laundry services, schedule a pick-up time, and provide additional information such as the type of detergent to be used.

Delivery Agent Panel

The delivery agent panel enables the delivery person to accept/reject requests, collect laundry from the customer, drop the laundry at laundry service, and return the washed laundry back to the customer.

Laundry Service Panel

The laundry service panel allows the laundry service to confirm the order of customers and send the laundry back to them through the delivery person after the services have been provided.

Steps to build a laundry mobile app

Laundry mobile apps can be utilized by businesses that are either a laundry service provider or are looking to start a laundry business. There are so many On- demand mobile apps these days. Businesses are looking for best On- demand app development companies.

After you have identified your need for a laundry mobile app, you can follow just a few steps to build one for your business.

Business Model

Starting any business requires a business model and planning before implementing and executing any plans. Therefore, the first step requires you to select a business model for your laundry app. There are two types of business models available which are:

  • On-site: The on-site model is for existing laundry businesses that wish to scale their business. The laundry business can build a mobile app to facilitate pickup and delivery of laundry for his customers.
  • Marketplace or the Aggregator model: The marketplace model is for startups that have no equipment but can create a platform to connect customers with different laundry services.

 Based on whether you are a startup or an existing laundry business, you can choose the business model accordingly.

Revenue Model

An important step that will get you all the profits is deciding the revenue model. You can choose a combination of these revenue streams:

  • Charging customers – The most common revenue stream is charging a service fee from customers to provide them the service.
  • Subscription-based – You can charge an extra fee from customers based on their subscriptions to advanced features.
  • Charges based on materials – Some materials require extra care or effort while washing. Therefore, charges can also be classified based on the material type.
  • Laundry listing charges – If you select the aggregator model, you can charge laundry services to be listed on your mobile app 

Hire a mobile app development company

When the business model is known, you will need to hire a mobile app development company that can transform your idea into a viable mobile app. Finding the right company that can build your laundry mobile app within your budget is a difficult task. You should ensure you use the best platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, LinkedIn, etc to find professional and reputed mobile app development companies. 

The best way to hire the right company for your app is to shortlist a few good companies and check their experience, background, completed projects, development team, and other important factors. You should also get in touch with each company to discuss the development cost and make them understand your idea.

Select Features

The mobile development company that you hire would have the experience of selecting the best features for your laundry mobile app. With their advice and based on your budget, you should select the best features to make your app attractive for your users. Each user panel will have some different features necessary to create a seamless experience. Some of the features that you must integrate within each panel are as follows:

  • Customer Panel: 
  1. Easy sign up and log in
  2. Choose laundry service
  3. Schedule Pickup time
  4. Check order and payment
  5. Track order and delivery
  6. View order history
  7. Rate and review
  • Driver Panel:
  1. Login
  2. Accept/reject pick-up or delivery
  3. GPS for navigation
  4. Track earnings
  5. Availability toggle
  • Laundry Service Panel:
  1. Easy login
  2. GPS tracking
  3. Access client order data
  4. View order history
  5. View statistics 
  6. Notifications to customers
  7. Calendar and reminders

Promote the app

The mobile app development company will handle the development and design of your laundry app and deliver it to you as per the estimated timeframe given. Upon the launch of the app, you need to utilize the best marketing strategies to create app visibility and attract customers.

The online laundry service market is expected to reach US$ 52,688.90 Million by 2022 and holds lucrative opportunities for startups. Building a laundry mobile app is quite easy with the steps mentioned above. All you require is having an effective marketing strategy to increase customers and revenue for your laundry mobile app.


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