Impact of Biometric Identification on Workforce Management

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes to optimize the productivity of an enterprise, increasing efficiency, performance, and competencies of its workforce. On the other hand, biometric identification is the most secure form of identification that is almost impossible to forge. In workforce management, biometrics plays a vital role to make it effective and successful in raising accountability. Following are the reasons behind:

Eliminates Buddy Punching

In the traditional method, people are used to helping others while check-in or check-out. That means they help their colleagues to check-in using their RFID card or I.D./ Password if they become late. The biometric time clock eliminates buddy punching as only the biometric of the employee is required to check-in, and that is not transferrable.

Increases Productivity

When employees are concerned about that their check-in and check-out are monitoring exactly and they have to use their biometric every time they do not take an unnecessary break or do not spend a long time in breaks. Thus the working hour increases, and it creates an impact on the productivity of the organization.

Raises Accountability

Managing the workforce is not a triviality but a tough job. Exact monitoring is not possible all the time where there are a number of loopholes in the system to passing by. Biometric identification strengthens the monitoring process and raising accountability as everyone remains specifically accountable for their assigned job and working in the designated area.

Accurate Payroll

Payroll is a great challenge for human resources management as there is time limitation and they need to work with every single data including the matter of considerations like sick leaves, casual leaves, early leaves, late presents, annual leaves, maternity/ paternity leaves, unpaid leaves, overtime, and so on. Biometrics help to clock exact check-in and check-out that is 100% unbiased. It also creates a justified audit trail for compliance.

Saves Millions of Dollars

American Society of Employers estimates that twenty percent (20%) of every dollar earned by a U.S. company is lost due to time theft. Another study found that an average U.S. company makes a loss of more than $400 billion per year in their productivity due to employee time theft. Biometric identification can save millions of dollars per year, eliminating time theft in the workplace.

No system can be effective as a whole, but a perfect combination can make it successful. A simple biometric identification system can make your business process management successful in reaching your goal.

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