Instagram To Use AI For Stopping Bullying

Now, Instagram is going to use a new type of comment filtering technology based on AI that will stop the social media site to hide bullying comments automatically.


The release for applying such technology was announced by the Facebook-owned company during the last year. During its announcement, the company said that it has been training a new tool that will be able to detect and hide offensive and spammy content on the website in minimum nine languages.


This new technology will come in the form of filters which will be automatically turned on for users, but if someone wants to show every comment on his/her post, then they can remove the filter and all the comments including the offensive or bullying one will be shown. The user can also use particular keywords related to the type of comments that they want to hide.


The new advanced system has been trained by humans at Instagram and then build on Facebook developed text processing system known as Deep Text. The Deep Text uses the standardized method of categorizing comments on the basis of bullying, racism, sexual harassment and others.


According to a survey released by the anti-bullying group Dtich, it has been found that 42% of the young generation feel that they are being bullied on Instagram. The Instagram topped the list of most bullying with Facebook being on the second rank with 37% and Snapchat on 3rd rank with 31%


The increasing cases of bullies is because nowadays, most of the youngsters use social media to communicate to the world without being noticed by parents and therefore adults or parents can be sometimes unaware of such bullying going on with their child. So with the help of an advanced AI system, youngsters will be able to stop such bullies from poking in their life and it will be made possible without any monitoring through human censors or without uninstalling the app where most of their friends socialize.


But the case of bullying is not only restricted to youngsters only as there are many celebrities who have uninstalled the social media app from their mobile due to such bullying issues. Like in the case of Selena Gomez, who was having 136 million followers on Instagram. She faced many cases of bullying on her account which finally forced her to uninstall the Instagram app from her mobile.


The CEO and co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, said in a blog post that “We are also expanding our policies to guard against bullying young public figures on our platform.” He further added “Protecting our youngest community members is crucial to helping them feel comfortable to express who they are and what they care about.”


The application of AI at such platforms is proving to be very useful because on one side, it is making the social media platform much better for owners while on the other side, it is removing the issues and problems faced by users.


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