Microsoft demonstrates How it will be to Live in a Fully AI Enabled World

During a big conference organized for developers, Microsoft showed that how it will look like to live in a world where there will be AI everywhere.

The advance Cortana is the heart of Microsoft’s AI and is a big rival to other popular AI technologies such as Alexa and Siri. Cortana is the biggest achievement of Microsoft to embed advanced AI into its services.

During the conference, the representatives of Microsoft demonstrated how the advanced artificial intelligence can help drones to detect anomalies which they watch from above and even identify the people who are coming to the conference.

After four successful years of the visionary Satya Nadella, during which he made Microsoft to reborn again, now he is more focused on enhancing Cortana which is a major part of the Windows 10. Every month, 150 million people use this advanced AI technology embedded in the Windows 10.

The name of the AI service came from an AI character of the same name from the Halo game series. And the voice behind Cortana of Microsoft and the gaming series is same. The circular orb of Cortana represents its pulse and it is a very nice advancement from the Siri’s waveform graphic.

In order to make Cortana enhanced and more popular, Microsoft will have to face many challenges and there are some limitations as well. One of the hurdles is the popularity of Alexa in homes in the form of Amazon Echo. It is very sure that Microsoft has no plans to replace Alexa or Amazon Echo but it also knows that people who are using the Cortana for sending emails need to communicate with their home Echo devices.

During the conference, where demonstrations were made to show how to connect Cortana through Alexa, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella said ” We want to make it possible for our customers to be able to get the most out of their personal digital assistants, not to be bound to some single walled garden, “

In the past, Microsoft has shown various ways in which Cortana can be used for offices, but the company has yet to launch a workplace-specific service, but even in this sector, it will face bigger competition as Amazon announced the launch of Alexa for business in the month of November. But the bone-crunching competition doesn’t end here as Apple, Facebook and Google are also embedding AI into their business products.

In terms of AI research, the Alphabet from Google is considered as the market leader. Last year the capability of the DeepMind of Alphabet surprised the world when it beat the top-ranked player of the Chinese board game.  And when it comes to the public AI business, then Amazon can be considered as a leader for it with a market share of 33%.

So, in order to grow as an AI embedded service provider, Microsoft will have to come in a unique way which will beat the leadership of giant players such as Google’s Alphabet and Amazon’s  Alexa.


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