Network Operating Center(NOC): Meaning, Purposes, and challenges

If you have a business that is dependent upon IT then you must be aware of Network Operating Center(NOC). Nowadays, due to the evolved and diversified use of cloud, remote hosting has become very normal. And remote hosting has led to a new kid on the block that is known as Remote Monitoring and Management. Nowadays, the IT infrastructure of a business located at one location is being managed by a Managed Service provide at other location. If you are aware of managed service providers then you also have heard about NOC services.

NOC services are one of the most highlighted services provided by managed IT service providers and that’s why if your business is working on an IT infrastructure or some portion of it is being managed by an MSP then it is very necessary to know about the different aspects of NOC.

If you are wondering what is Network Operating Center(NOC) all about? What is its relation to Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)? What are the challenges associated with it, then you have come to the right place? In this blog post, we are going to discuss NOC in a detailed way.

What is Network Operating Center(NOC)?

NOC basically stands for Network Operating Center which is a centralized location where various IT technicians directly support the effort of Remote Monitoring and Management software. Most of the NOC teams are used extensively in the managed IT service space. You should know that NOC teams are a tremendous driver of service delivery for various managed IT, service providers.

The NOC team keeps an eye on the endpoints that they manage and monitor. During the management and monitoring of the endpoints, the NOC team takes independent action for the issues arising in the IT infrastructure and they also take preventive measures to mitigate the risk as well. In addition to normal managing and monitoring, The NOC team is also heavily responsible for security, backup and disaster recovery as well. Along with this, an NOC team looks after the high uptime of the Infrastructure in order to make sure that the business doesn’t face any type of interruption.

Many managed IT service providers use the NOC operating center for ensuring high uptime for their clients. An MSP can either maintain an in-house NOC, outsource a third-party service provider or he can simply use a mix of both these approaches. It doesn’t matter which type of approach an MSP uses, the purpose, function, and services of NOC will always remain the same.

What is the purpose of NOC?

A NOC is designed to help companies to monitor and manage their network systems without doing everything manually. Most of the companies set up NOC in order to monitor everything happening on their network and this is the main purpose towards making an NOC. Through NOC, companies can get the right information about everything and they can also make sure that everything is at its correct place and performing well.

Managed Service Providers have qualified NOC teams that make sure that the NOC of the companies that have chosen them keeps on running smoothly without any interruption. Through such a service, the companies are able to put off their worries and focus on other things of the business.

You should know that a company doesn’t need to be open for something to go wrong with their network. You will be surprised to know that most of the attacks happen when the company is closed. This is where NOC becomes very important. It is the duty of the NOC to monitor the IT system round the clock in order to make sure that the system doesn’t face any type of interruption or attack.

The challenges with NOC

Because of the complexity involved with the current network system, and the growth of the modern-day IT solutions based on cloud infrastructure and SaaS application, there are many challenges faced by the NOC team, The challenges faced by the NOC team is not only limited to understanding the complex IT infrastructure in a detailed way but is also related to maintaining streamlined communication access between those who are involved.

Some of the major challenges are as follows:-

· Not able to maintain the collaboration

· Not updated documentation for solving issues because of the always-changing cloud dynamics and IT landscape.

· Troubleshooting becoming time-consuming because it needs correlating data across multiple devices

· Frequent requirement of escalation to senior staff

Overall, a well planned Networking Operating Center can minimize the burden of managing IT infrastructure and monitoring the same. But instead of being stuck with an in-house team, you should rather choose a NOC service provider and get everything done professionally. By outsourcing your NOC services, you will be able to stay at the top of your game and there will be no difficulty in managing your IT.

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