The New Pubg Mobile 0.7 Update Has Arrived In The Market

The concept of Battle royal games came from the Battle royal movie in which many people were deployed on an isolated island and the last survivor was considered as the winner.

The first movement made by any game in this genre was  Pubg and we can say that Pubg was the pioneer of battle royal games. Since its launch and popularity on the PC, Pubg has launched its mobile version which became another great success for the developers of the Pubg.

Now, the new update 0.7 has been made available for the users. Earlier on 23rd July, the game went on maintenance from 00:00 to 08:00. People were thinking that the new update will be made available just after the maintenance is done as it happened with the 0.6 update but the developers at Pubg took one more day to make the new update available.

So without wasting much time, let’s look at what we will get in the new 0.7 Pubg mobile update.

  • New Mini War arcade mode in which you will deploy with a gun and you will get 3 points for killing an enemy and 1 point for reviving your teammates. You will respawn continuously at the same restricted area and the team with 100 points will win the match. There will be three different modes in this Mini war which will be based on the type of gun.
  • There will also be a new weapon; SLR DMR. You can have extended mag, muzzle, sights, scope, and stocks as an attachment in this weapon. It will use the 7.62 ammo which is the same for Kar98 and other guns such as AKM. It has more recoil than SKS but it delivers more damage than SKS.
  • A new Clan system has also been introduced through which players can customize unique clan icons. You can also increase your rank and acquire achievement rewards through this.
  • The UI of the game has also changed and this new and improved UI will allow players to enter into a mode much easily.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned additions, new weapon skins, achievement in profile, vehicle skins, helmet, backpacks skin has also been introduced.

The Pubg mobile was launched in the month of March this year and since then it has gained huge popularity on the mobile platform as there was no such aggressive, interactive and entertaining FPS game on the mobile which runs smoothly,

The main motive of the game is to survive till the last by killing others, looting guns, attachment, grenades, helmet, vest, etc. The main reason for the popularity of  the game is its smooth gameplay which the developers of Pubg brought from the PC version of the game to the mobile

The competitor of Pubg which is Fortnite, has launched its mobile version on Ios and is soon planning to do so on the Android version as well.


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