Pubg Season 3 Has Started

After so much of anticipations and expectations, finally, the season 3 of PUBG mobile has started.  The Royal Pass of the season 2 was locked on 19th of August and no any player was able to see or check his Royal Pass point.

Even while boarding in the plane, no one’s name was shown as the Royal pass was locked for everyone. And on 22nd August, the new season which is the season 3, started globally.

While many people were expecting that the new update will also be launched with the new season where the sanhok map will be introduced but this didn’t happen. The new season didn’t come with any new update but there were many features added to the new season.

So let’s quickly jump to the new additions in the season 3 of PUBG mobile and check how you can be benefited with this season

New rewards

The new season has brought lots of new rewards but more rewarded has been added to the Elite royal pass. There is only on emoji which has been added to the normal pass and that’s what making people go crazy. If you will buy the Elite pass then you will be able to earn various rewards like the dancing emoji and different skins with dresses.


There has been an improvement in the graphics of the game as well which is making the game to run seamlessly. The same thing happened when the 0.7 update was launched but slowly the game play started lagging. Hope we don’t encounter such issues after the new season.

New items in the shop

Some new items in the shop have also been added which has allowed users to go for more crates. The new additions involve various skins, dresses and other things.  You can see the new things in PUBG superior crate, PUBG premium crate, limited offers section and packs.

Sanhok map in the background

If you will click on the royal season section then you will see that the background has been changed and it is the new sanhok map. Witnessing the sanhok map in the background, we can expect this new map to come in the new update which will be most probably launched in September.

Rainforest golden crate

There is also a new crate added to the game which is being called as the Rainforest golden crate. Thi crate contains many items which include skins, dresses, masks and many other things.


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