Let SnoopSnitch App to Find The Safety Loopholes of Your Android Phone

If you are an Android phone user then you must be aware of the fact that the security of all Android devices is not the same. The security updates of particular Android phones should be delivered by the device manufacturers and therefore there can be some delay in delivering the latest security patch for your Android phone.Even the patches made by Google don’t give the complete picture as observed by Security Research Labs. Google releases Android security patches once in a month and even after your device shows the patch date, the patches delivered by Google may not integrate with the updates of your device manufacturer and therefore, for dealing with such issues, the Security Research Labs developed SnoopSnitch app which allows us to know the patch status of all the vulnerabilities in a monthly security patch.

The SnoopSnitch is an app developed by the Security Research Labs and it analyses the firmware of your Android device for missing and installed security patches. If you have a compatible rooted phone, then this advance app can also help you to connect and analyze mobile radio data so that you can know about the security of your network and get alerts for fake base stations, user tracking and SS7 attack. You can easily download this effective app from Google Play Store.

How to use it?

After downloading the SnoopSnitch app, you will need to run a test by clicking on the Android patch level analysis, which will be located at the top of the screen and then, you will have to click on Start test.

After starting the test, you will have to wait for some time because your device goes through a detailed and deep check in order to find that whether the patches being stated as installed by your operating system has been installed in reality or not. So it will be better not to perform this test if you are in a rush as it will take a bit of time.

What’s in the report?

The final report will be a mix of good and bad news as SnoopSnitch app will not only show you the vulnerabilities of the patches, but it will also show you the patches which are missing. Moreover, it will also show you the new vulnerabilities, which haven’t been patched yet.

What to do with next?

If you find that the patches on your device are all updated then it’s good news for you and you don’t need to take any action while if the app results show you some missing patches then you will be able to know how far behind your device has been left in terms of updated patches. So you can plan to change your phone or avoid your current device manufacturer in the near future.


The Snoopsnitch app is compatible with only Qualcomm-based Android phones with at least version 4.1.

So, if you want to test the patch status on your mobile, regardless of what your operating system and device manufacturers say then download SnoopSnitch app and know the reality.


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