Some of the best applications of AI being used in different industries

Every year, new technological innovations keep on emerging and they contribute towards the betterment of many fields. But all technologies are not revolutionary and they all don’t have change the world around us completely. Then comes those technological innovations that act as a benchmark in the IT sector. From blockchain to big data, there have been many new technological introductory that have changed many applications and operations around us. And one such technology that has helped us to see the upcoming future is Artificial Intelligence.

You might be thinking that AI is a completely new technology but you will be surprised to know that the term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in the year 1955. The concept of machine simulated human logic came in the market way ago but through various improvements and innovations in this field of IT, the concept finally took the shape in which we are witnessing it today. AI has surely affected the business processes and nowadays, many business operations have become quick, accurate and productive just because of the integration of AI, and in this blog post, we are going to look at some of those AI applications that are acting as a miracle for businesses.

Speech recognition

One of the most influential applications of AI if speech recognition and it has completely changed the way businesses used to work. Earlier, getting answers for voice-based searches was a part of Hollywood movies only but now it has become a reality, thanks to the revolutionary concept of AI. In the current era, there have been many speech recognition based platforms that have become a new normal for most of the people. From Siri to Alexa, all the speech recognition based platforms thrive on the concept of AI and the market of such devices or the use of speech recognition in devices is catching fire in the market.


Robots have been a part of our fantasy right from the very beginning. From seeing robots in only cartoons and movies, now we are seeing modern robots in real life that are not only performing tasks but they are smart as well. AI has helped the robotics industry to become very advance and now from burger flipping robots to advanced conversation-based robots like Sophia, we are witnessing a completely new era of robotics just because of Artificial Intelligence. In the upcoming future, we will surely soon more human like robots and they will be used in different fields and will be seen performing different tasks.


The gaming industry has never witnessed a slowdown and since its introduction to humans, it has been rising fanatically. From 2d games like Mario to VR games, the gaming industry has surely witnessed a drastic technological advancement. But the biggest factor which has contributed towards the advancement of the current era of gaming is Artificial Intelligence. You should know that AI-based systems are now being used in games as well and the modern era of gaming is becoming smart and intelligent.

Customer care

Gone are those days when a single person was responsible for handling the customer care system of the whole organization and he always used to be busy with headphones in his ears and call on the desktop. The customer care system has now been transformed by Artificial Intelligence. All the pop-ups of chat that you see on the website are a part of AI-based customer support. Since the queries raised by customers are similar, AI can be trained to give answers to those queries without any human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence is surely helping us in moving towards the future at a very fast pace. From space research to modern construction, AI is being used in all the industries and everyone is getting very good results from the application of AI.


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