The New Redesigned Gmail Is Here Now

Google has recently launched the new Gmail with the biggest modifications, changes, and additions for this year. With many new features and improvements, the company is also bringing a new design for the Gmail and if you are an old user of Gmail, then you will notice the new changes right on the home page of your Gmail account.

The new Gmail has been specially designed to minimize the stress of numerous emails into your account. The new redesigned Gmail will help you to send emails while being offline, and a new confidential mode as well. There are numerous other features which have been added to the new Gmail, and we will look at them one by one.

Enhanced Security

Being aware of the increasing threat on the internet and the phishing scam, now Google has introduced enhanced security alerts in Gmail, which will make sure that users will not click on fraudulent and fake emails again. If Gmail will find a threat, then it will alert the user with a bold red notification. Moreover, there are also simple and easy to understand notifications which will tell you why you shouldn’t open a particular mail.

Confidential Mode

If earlier, you were worried about the content of an email then you can use the new confidential mode of the Gmail. This will give the sender better control on how the recipient can use the mail received by him from the sender. The new settings will allow you to stop the recipient from forwarding the message or even blocking them from printing or downloading it. You can now also add an authentication, message over the phone for viewing the mail sent by you to the recipient.

Nudge, Smart Replies and Snooze

The new Nudge feature will never let you miss important emails in the huge piles of emails present in your inbox. The new redesigned Gmail will use clever an AI technique to decide which mail will need your action and which mail is important. It will now move such emails up in the inbox so that you will never miss it.

In addition to this, you will now get the option of smart reply which will help you to reply quickly with an automatic response. This feature was already available on the mobile but it is now available on the web as well.

Google is also introducing a new feature which will help you minimize interruptions and clutters. The new setting of high priority notifications will now notify you of important messages while keeping interruption minimum.

Moreover, the new snooze function will disable messages until a particular set time. Gmail will also suggest you when to unsubscribe from a mailing list.

If you want to experience the new redesigned Gmail, then just go to the setting icon located in the top right corner and click on Try the new redesigned Gmail. But if you have a Gmail account form your company or school, then your admin will have to make the required changes for making the new features applicable to your Gmail account.


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