The New Wearable Camera Spectacles By Snapchat

Snap chat is now back in the wearable camera industry with its new spectacles camera sunglasses V 2. This time Snap chat has bundled its new product with the ability to shoot videos and click photos, underwater use, better colors with lighter lenses, options of prescriptions, quick syncing, slimmer frame and a charging case. The new V2 was launched on Thursday and is priced at $150.

The previous launch of Snap chat in the wearable camera industry V1 didn’t match the feature expectations of the buyers and sales expectations of the company and only 220,000  V1s  were sold in the market. The main reasons for the failure of V1  in the market were limited features, foolish colors and tricky exports. But the new V2 looks improved in all the aspects which  V1 lacked. In spite of the fact that the V2  are not a new revolution in the wearable camera industry, but it will prove to be the gadget of every tech-savvy person for sure.

The new camera spectacles have been made available for sales in the UK, U.S, Canada, and France from Thursday while the other 13 European countries will be able to buy it from May 3. The price of the V2 is only $20 more than its previous version, but the features which have been added are much more than the increased price. If you wish to buy the V2 then you have only one option of Snapp’s app and site because it has not been made available on any e-commerce website.

The video recording features of the V2 have also been upgraded with the ability to record every 30 seconds of snap in HD (1216X1216) This setting of recording the snaps come default in the V2 with no standard resolution options. You should know that the standard resolution option was the default in the V1 camera spectacles which is the previous version by Snapchat.

Coming to the photo clicking ability of the new V2, you can now click the picture with the resolution of 1642X1642 which is equal to 2.7 megapixels. So the current camera features of the V2 allow the pictures to not burst while looking at the details and this is a great enhancement.

The storage capacity of the V2 is also very large and you can store up to 150 videos and 3,000 photos at the same time. Isn’t that great? For capturing better audio, the V2 has been bundled with better dual microphones.

On purchase, you will get a charging case and cable along with the V2 camera spectacles. On May 3, the V2 will be launched in Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

The new V2 comes in onyx black, ruby red and sapphire blue colors which makes it looks more stylish. With the help of the more transparent lenses, you will be able to shoot fine quality videos and take pictures in darker places as well.


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