Tips For Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

The world of gaming has gone through a drastic phase of change. From the popularity of Mario to the virtual reality set, the gaming world has evolved a lot. Nowadays, gaming has become a very big industry and the gaming enthusiasts are increasing day by day. There are different communities and groups which are especially dedicated to a particular game only. From Far Cry to Call of Duty, the craze of gaming is increasing every day.

But the evolution of gaming experience hasn’t stopped yet and it is getting faster with the advancement of time. New equipment, technologies, and model are being introduced very rapidly in the market and they are helping the gamers to enhance their gaming experience.

So, let’s have a look at some of the tips which can help you to enhance your gaming experience on laptop, PC, mobile and other gaming devices.

1. Xpadder

This life-saving utility can prove to be a magic wand for your gaming rig. Imagine a situation when you load the best game or the dream game on your PC with your wired Xbox 360 controller plugged in and then you find out you have to use your keyboard. The Xpadder can become your savior in such situation as it reads all the control inputs and converts them into your keyboard and mouse input so that you can play with whichever controller you want. And the best part of this utility is its budget-friendly pricing which is only $10.

2. Manage your Steam library effectively

If you play games on PC, then there are maximum chances that you will be using Steam for managing your games. And if you use Steam then there must be various games in it, but managing those games effectively is very much necessary. For doing so, you can use the built-in feature of Steam library for managing the long list of games. You can categorize games according to their genre or use tools like Depressurizer for doing it automatically.

3. DS4Windows

This utility is especially for PS4 owners or it can also be used by those gamers who want to DualShock4 enough to buy it without console. This utility will install the required drivers on your PC and will allow you to play any game which supports Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller by mirroring it. This highly advanced utility can even emulate a mouse so that you can sit, relax and browse your computer easily.

4. Use the latest DirectX version

The brilliant graphics which you experience in a game are the result of various software tools and one of them which is very important is DirectX. There are various versions of the DirectX launched in the market and for getting the best experience of the game you should use the latest versions which will be having minimum bugs and will deliver maximum performance.

5. Experience the old classic games on PC

Sometimes the feeling of nostalgia is very important for even your gaming experience, but you can’t just sweep away the dust from your old gaming collection box and then use the floppy to feel the golden era of 90s. But you can do so with different emulators like DOSBox or ScummVM or by using different patched versions.

So, use the above-mentioned tips and enhance your gaming experience.


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