Top 6 Ways To Promote Clickbank Products For Free

ClickBank – it’s a wonderful affiliate network that allows you to sell almost any product under the sun and earn commissions.  I’m going to show you six free ways to promote these products and get commissions online so you don’t have to spend anything. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. I’m going to go through all of them and show you a little bit of Clickbank for those of you who don’t.

So for those of you who don’t know about ClickBank, it’s a really easy way to make money online. ClickBank is what is known as an affiliate network, which means you don’t have to set up a product, you don’t have to support it. You can simply promote other people’s products and earn commissions from them. So here I am on Clickbank, this is what the website looks like, and if you want to go to ClickBank, you can search for and you can go there.

Then you want to click on their Affiliate Marketplace. Just click this search button and you’ll find thousands of products that you can promote and earn commissions. People are going to pay you to sell their products for them. It shows you all the different prices, thousands of products here can be sold.

If you see it, this product is the number one high-priced product, which means that you can earn large commissions if you refer people to become my customers. To promote these products, simply sign up with Clickbank and click the promotion button next to the product you’re interested in. For example, for me, we’ll click on “promote” and then enter the nickname in my account, which, let’s just say, is “j1r2c.”

You can select a few landing pages, and we’ll click on the “generate a jump” link. We are now with our affiliate link and all you have to do is click on copy. We will now review in this article six different methods that allow you to get the main link of the people, the main affiliate link of the targeted people, click on it and potentially buy the product without having to spend money to earn real commissions by doing so. 

Just a brief warning – before I get into these methods, I want to make it clear that some of them are obvious, but the most important thing is that you are just getting started. Because you’re not going to earn anything if you sit on the sidelines, skeptical, typing stuff about how it won’t work or anything else, you’re not going to earn anything if you don’t post your links anywhere.

The most important thing is that, even though it may seem obvious, you’re just getting started. Don’t hesitate to make your connections known, and you can start making some money. I did it, millions of others did it, you can do it, too.

1. Spread Your Affiliate Link Using Instagram

Instagram is a very popular method that allows you to attract millions of people by getting people to share your messages, post interesting or interesting content, or just post other people’s content. Millions of people are using Instagram, you can build a huge follower base with Instagram, and it’s a great way to get started. 

2. F For Facebook

You can add your affiliate link to your profile. The second method starts with the F – can you guess what the F is? F stands for Facebook and Facebook is a very easy place to start, and I’d say the best way to do Facebook is to create groups.

Creating a group around a topic of interest to you to promote products is a great way to consolidate your niches and make your connections, such as weight loss, known. Ok, or for example you know – I started a science fiction group for people interested in science fiction books, and I can be an affiliate for science fiction books through Amazon’s affiliate program. You can create a Facebook group around anything and it’s free. You can invite people to join your group or you can encourage others by sending them a message if you see that they are interested in particular topics.

3. Getting Free Traffic From Google

The third way to get free traffic is Google. Google’s trick is to publish blog posts consistently, whether weekly, monthly or daily. But the fact is that Google wants to make sure you are an active blogger for the long term. If you’re going into financial consulting, for example, you need to post daily.

Now there’s a guy named Tim Chen, who is an affiliate marketer who started his blog on financial advice and posted a post every day. He earned, I think, something like $1,000 the first year by posting a post every day. The second year, he only made $15,000, but today his company – guess how much – I’ll let you know that you may have heard of his site called makes over a hundred and fifty million dollars a year. It’s an affiliate marketing site that publishes blog posts every day.

But he barely made any money the first two years. Google is a great source of targeted traffic, but it’s something that requires you to be there for the long term. If you’re just looking to make money quickly, like many of you, you probably won’t last. What you have to do is come from a source of strength; you have to trust that you want to help the world and just keep doing it. 

Whether it’s right or wrong, you just have to focus on it, stubborn as a bull and keep going, just like Tim Chen. He continued to do the same thing for two years and didn’t see results, but he was able to create a great company because he knew there was value in what he was doing, he was helping people find financial service providers and he believed in what he was doing.

4. Promote Using Youtube

YouTube! YouTube is one of my favorite places and YouTube is a great place to get free traffic for example. I think everyone has something of value to give, whether it’s some kind of experience, whether it’s how to care for recently divorced parents, how to train a child to sleep, or how to get a job as an electrician. 

Either way, I think everybody knows something that can help others. Just put it on video. You have to be brave and put it on the camera and help teach people what makes you special. I believe that YouTube is the future of the education industry. We have people charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to school and to get degrees and debts that you can never get out of when all of that is free on YouTube.

I’ve learned so much for free on YouTube and I think it’s a great place to learn and post content and teach people things. If you want to post videos on a topic or find more information, research the topic and put that information together in a video to help other people learn about weight loss methods or something else. You can also promote affiliate links to products for which you can earn commissions. It’s a really easy, simple, and a great place to advertise your affiliate products.

5. Free Traffic From Affiliate Referrals 

Okay, if you can refer to affiliates, some programs have what are called second-level affiliate programs. Now, if you can refer affiliates through these other methods that you know of or if you can just contact people at conferences or whatever and you refer affiliates to different programs, you can earn what is called second-level commissions. It’s a pretty complex subject that I’m not going to go into in-depth, but it gives you some kind of extra benefit, a little bit like an affiliate commission. 

6. Make Use Of Commercial Coupons

This last method that I used to earn over $1 million in 2017, it’s pretty crazy that it still exists and that I spend a little bit of time teaching it to my students.

Check it out! Commercial coupons! Did you know that you can get free advertising on many different ad networks? They hand out coupons to encourage you to advertise. I mean, online space is so unsaturated that it’s incredibly unsaturated that these advertising companies – advertising networks like Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon – give out free money to people just to sign up and start advertising.

You can use that free money to turn it into money to reach real people with real ads and earn affiliate commissions from that. It’s cool, isn’t it? So those are my six ways to make money online with ClickBank – for free.

But again, none of them mean anything, none of them mean anything on a whiteboard; they only mean something if you put them into action. Again, the Internet is wide open, but if you don’t put these methods into practice, you won’t get any commission and you’ll just have to read another article and my time will have been wasted, just like yours.

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