Tried and Tested PUBG Mobile tricks that can get you “chicken dinner”

So by far, you must have heard about worldwide phenomena videogame PUBG and if not, then you must be living in a cave or another planet where there is no internet. Earlier, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was available for the PC, Xbox One and now it has hit the Android and iOS market too.

All the fans across the world started going nuts after the launch of the game on the mobile platform. In Google play store, PUBG has maintained the number one spot in the list of most trending games for Android phones. Same is the story with the iOS market as well.

All the game features that were earlier available on the PC and Xbox Version such as from jumping from the roof to driving vehicles and shooting, from playing solo to play as a squad, all are available in the mobile version and that too without any compromise with the graphics. Well, all this was made possible after the original developer of the game Bluehole collaborated with the Chinese company named Tencent games. You must have noticed the name while starting the game in mobile.

Every player of the PUBG jumps off from that parachute keeping only one thing in mind to survive till the last. However, it is more challenging than it may look, especially when you are playing solo. Which is why, in this article, we will be discussing some effective and useful PUBG tips that can help you to get the chicken dinner. So let us begin.

1. Choose the graphics that suit your phone


The first and the foremost tip before you start the game is to make sure that the graphic you have chosen is compatible with your phone. Well, you must be thinking that it is quite basic, but this is something very important as the right setting will help you in providing the best gaming experience. Using a graphic level that does not match up with your phone specification can make the game choppy and blurry while playing.

2. Choosing the right server


In PUBG mobile, players are given the option to choose between the servers based on their locations. The available servers are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and KRJP. It is recommended to go to the server with the least latency. You can simply check the latency of any server by clicking on the topmost left part of your screen. After that, pick the server that has the least latency to have a smooth gaming experience.

3. Landing at the right spot


If you are one of them who have played PUBG many times and is fully aware of its rules and regulations, then Pochinki and RozhoK is the ideal place for you to land. However, if you are new in PUBG, then you must take time to know all about the PUBG world and choose a place where you can safely lay low. 

4. Collect first and hunt later


One thing that you need to immediately do after landing in the right place is arm yourself with all the weapons and useful kits available as much as possible. In PUBG, if you are dead in solo, then there is no coming back. However, there is still a chance of getting revived while playing in the squad, but that will put your team still in a great risk of losing.

5. Don’t wear shoes

Most of the players upgrade themselves with plenty of attires like jackets, shoes, and vest, and helmet and many others. All the things are good except shoes. Well, the reason not for using shoes is that any enemies will not able to sense your approach if you are walking barefoot.  

Wrapping it up, these were some of the most useful tips that can help you survive to the last in PUBG and get the title “winner winner chicken dinner”. All the tricks and tips mentioned above are tried and tested so that you don’t have to worry.

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