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The most important thing that you can focus on for your brand growth in 2020 is SEO. If you think that furnishing a visually stunning website is all that you need, you are wrong as nothing will work for you if the website is not optimized for the search engine giants.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the search engine giants that are not very concerned about a website’s images and designs. These focus more on quality content, alt tags, and keywords and file names. WordPress SEO optimization increases the chances of your website appearing on the very first page of SERPs. It drives continuous traffic to the website.


Emphasize on content


As you start SEO optimization in WordPress for your website, begin by creating content that creates value. Good quality content is actually your website’s lifeblood. Just how a website without any content cannot be regarded as a website at all; a website with bad quality content is equivalent to a bunt knife. Stale content can make your website seem dead to visitors as well as search engines. This ultimately leads to vanished SEO rankings & less user engagement.


One of the best WordPress SEO optimization tips that you can learn is, always delivering unique and relevant content. Google will never entertain plagiarism so it is your job to bring something new to the table every time for ranking well. Simply create good content for human readers & the search engines will automatically follow.




URLs that are SEO-friendly are regarded as Pretty Permalinks. When it comes to SEO optimization for WordPress tactics, this key element must never be neglected. WordPress is a CMS platform that makes it extremely easy for fabricating SEO-friendly URLs. These URLs can then be utilized for crafting external links that can be easily remembered. URLs carrying structured hierarchies are more favored by GoogleBot, as crawling pages via a website become easier with consistent URLs.


Click on settings


Permalinks and choose the month or post name. Implement this prior to adding content to the blog for preventing broken links. When it comes to SEO, broken links are considered bad business.


Implement smart keyword research


In the earlier days, keyword stuffing was considered a good SEO technique but the times have changed. Keyword stuffing is not a WordPress site SEO optimization tactic to follow in the current times as Google does not approve it. But Google still depends on keywords for ranking websites. This means, whatever SEO strategy you follow, must be guided by clever and smart research. Utilize tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner for determining the effectiveness of the terms you have picked and also you can derive alternate keywords for use in the content.


Video & image SEO


A very rarely implemented SEO optimization on WordPress tactic, but adding videos and images to all contents is very important. You can derive great traffic with optimized images from Google images. Videos on the other hand can acquire more mentions, traffic, and links from sites like Tumblr and YouTube. As you start optimizing images for the search engines, the utilization of heavy images is not recommended as it can slow down the website. For instance, if the next post requires 650*300 featured illustrations, upload the one that is 650*300 & not even a pixel more.


Along with this, most importantly, images need to be relevant to the content you are posting. Not just better rankings, but images and videos must enhance the content as well which is actually their unique purpose.


Mobile-friendly website


If you have noticed, you will see that Google in its search results has set up mobile-friendly labels. The WordPress Google SEO optimization tactic that you need to definitely follow is, making your website highly mobile-friendly. If this WordPress SEO optimization process is not taken seriously, all you will experience is worse rankings. Also, this will make readers abandon your website long before they land upon the homepage and this will decrease the click-through rate. Google always recommends espousing RWD or responsive web design that enables developers to fabricate websites that follow the mobile-first perspective.


SEO-ready WP plugins and themes


Do you want to absolutely mind-boggle Google with your website? If so availing WordPress SEO optimization service will be necessary for getting hands-on SEO-ready plugins. With these plugins, anybody can craft a professional website in lightning speed time. But there are some tips to be followed for picking the correct WordPress plugins and themes. Firstly, anything you pick must utilize valid and clean HTML. Seek for themes utilizing canonical URL Meta tag as this stock up the topmost URL of the page. The theme must also support the appropriate heading usage (H1, H2, and H3) & title tags. Also, it is possible to improve social media sharing with themes that incorporate Open Graph Meta tags.


Social media signals


In order to implement the process of WordPress website SEO optimization, not taking social media into account will not work for you. With social media, you can furnish a community specifically around your products or brand. Search engines utilize content and brand mentions for determining to rank. Social media helps you in creating your very own audience and drives user engagement.


Enhancing the speed of page loading


You will lose prospects right away when your website does not load at a fast pace. By this, you are simply flushing away SEO points as well. Slow pages result in traffic loss, elevated bounce rates, and no trust from customers. Advance with proper SEO optimization tactics for your website such as utilizing tools called Google Page Insights Tool. With this tool, not only you can check the website page loading speed but Google will also suggest ways for enhancing the site speed.


Local SEO


When looking for sound WordPress SEO optimization techniques, you must never forget about local SEO. It is a lot like organic SEO where you need to add your state or city in the headings, URL, title tags, content, alt text, etc. You can gain amazing online visibility with local SEO.


Beating competitors


As you enter relevant keywords in search engines, the first ten websites that you see are your serious and fierce competitors. In order to be in the first position, it is important that you beat all the competitors. For that, studying your competition with questions like What are the competitors doing that is different from what I do, What are the white hat SEO tactics they are employing, is important. Follow such WordPress SEO tips for better rankings any day.




The website that you build is your web property and ensuring its security is solely your responsibility. Adopting HTTPS is very necessary as this helps with WordPress site SEO optimization as well. HTTP is a very important ranking signal.




One thing that you must take into account is that WordPress SEO is a time-consuming process. After you implement the WordPress SEO optimization tips, you must allow adequate time for witnessing the results. As per the industry-wide modifications, you must also keep on updating the WP SEO tactics. Now with professional assistance, you can ensure that all tactics are followed correctly. Connect with us today for first-rate WordPress SEO optimization service from our expert teams.


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14 March 2021


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