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The last one and a half have been a revolution for the entire world. We’ve been dealing with a pandemic on a global scale never seen before. Our daily routine has been shattered and is upside down compared to what we were used to before. Apple has recently released a memo to its employees that they have postponed the return to the office to January 2022. This means in the near future there is no intention to go back to our normal life.


The most important aspect of our lives affected by this is definitely our job. Many people work in a completely different way compared to before. Some workers haven’t entered the office in months. It’s interesting to see how we can grow from this state of uncertain chaos and find again a solid routine of personal improvement. We have to learn how to achieve a new balance between duty and pleasure if both things happen in the same place: inside the walls of our house.


That’s why with this article we want to provide a better insight on how to tackle the remote work experience and give some useful tips to manage your daily schedule with the help of technology.


1) Use your mobile devices to your advantage


The entire concept of remote working is only possible thanks to the digital revolution of the last 10 years. The main reason is Cloud Computing. Everything is no longer hosted in the office, but in a place that you can always access. You can start working in the morning comfortably in your pajamas while sipping a hot cup of coffee at the kitchen table. We can use this to our advantage, for instance, as implied before, it is possible to work from anywhere and everywhere. This means we can find the most comfortable way to do our assignments without being unprofessional. If your job involves a lot of reading, you don’t need to sit in front of the laptop, many simple tasks can still be done on your tablet or phone without negatively affecting it. Group together some house chores like cooking, cleaning and still get some job accomplished. This is of course just an example, but you have to remember that your smartphone is much more than an accessory to scroll through Twitter or take photos, is a powerful assistant that can be utilized for multiple beneficial processes. Furthermore, it has additional functionalities to improve what you do on a daily basis. It can be a second screen if you connect it to another computer, or run as a central device to cast useful files or links from different sources.


2) Improve how you deal with repetitive tasks


The average office job during the day requires doing some monotonous routine hassle. For instance, answering the usual 30 copy and paste emails, drafting meaningless reports, or compiling absurd spreadsheets. Many people don’t really think about it, but if you can create templates for different occasions of the same document and keep it always at hand, you can boost up the working process. Another example comes from automation. If you perform the same actions multiple times, such as connecting to the company resources, opening the same web pages, or simply reviewing the same words over and over, by using some specific tools, you will step up the entire cycle. One of this software is called Auto-hotkey, which with a simple series of inputs emulates various normally used actions to get more things done in less time.


3) Use a time planner or Personal Analytics app


As told before, our phones have some hidden potential that can be beneficial for both our work and private life. The Google Play Store and Apple app store have an enormous catalog of useful applications to improve how you manage your routine. Time is a precious and finite resource. Whatever you can do to preserve it is extremely important. With a basic time planner or scheduler, you will be able to revise the minutes you spend on each of your tasks and identify a better approach.


If you want to go to the next level, there are apps focused on analytics, in this case, personal analytics. It can track exactly how much time you are spending on whatever is going on during a shift. Being able to quantify the number of resources you pour into common actions such as surfing the net or using determinate software is key to having a better lifestyle. It helps locate inconsistencies in how you achieve things. Ideally, A morning person should probably invest the beginning of the shift in working on complex and mental energy taxing issues instead of silly, but tedious, minor hurdles that can be done later on. Personal analytics tools are not only helpful for your job, but you can take advantage of them even to get more from your spare time. Track how long you need to go to the gym or to walk your pet outside. Seek for consuming patterns and in the future, you will be more effective in how you take on your daily routine and fill the gaps with more meaningful activities and little by little do more.




The world is in constant change, recently for the worse, hopefully for the best. But one thing is clear: we need to keep moving forward, as Stallone would say. To do that, we need to keep adapting accordingly. With the help of technology and some simple expedients, we can lead a better and fulfilled life by being the best version of ourselves every single day.

3 Tips in how Technology can improve your remote work experience

30 August 2021


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