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After the smartphone revolution, businesses have increased their effort to provide the best user experience to their customers through smartphone applications. They have put in hours and thousands of dollars to build the best smartphone application for their brand. They were so engaged in developing the best smartphone app that they missed out on another device that has a huge user base in the market.


To increase your success level, you can not limit yourself only to smartphones. You have to capture the Android tablet market as well. Just because most users prefer smartphones does not mean you can neglect the audience that uses tablets. 


Users prefer using devices according to their needs. If you are not completely sure what device your target audience prefers, it’s better to design an application that runs on smartphones and tablets so that you can avail yourself of better chances to grow.


Tablet android application development does not have many differences from android mobile application development. In the case of developing tablet applications, the developer team needs to consider three important factors, which are User Interface, Compatibility, and screen sizes. Click here to know the Best android tablet application development company.


Tips to develop android tablet application from scratch: 


Here are some tips that will help you develop an amazing tablet application for your company.


Go through the android tablet design guidelines thoroughly: 


The application development guidelines that Android provided are the most crucial. Go through those guidelines thoroughly. Google has already prepared a set of guidelines to help out new android tablet app developers. 


Thoroughly go through the guideline, write down key points, and then begin the development process of a tablet application. Reading the guidelines will help you understand what are the challenges you can expect and how to overcome them.


Focus on fonts, layouts, and other objects: 


This step is very crucial for developing a tablet application. You might have a clear idea about how your application looks on smartphones. But how they will appear on a much larger screen is a completely new challenge. Focus on fonts, layouts, colors, and other important things. 


It is better to consult with a professional tablet application developer. They can guide you throughout the journey. You will learn how to select the right text, template, colors, and all. Check out here for the Best android tablet app development company.


Consider different screen sizes and configurations:


The android platform helps the developers to design and develop applications in such a manner that they work equally fine on different screen sizes. This capability of the android system allows the developer to develop one single application that can easily run on a wide range of devices.


The developers must consider different sizes and configurations while developing a tablet application.  This way they can develop a single tablet application that perfectly supports all android tablets. Developers need to optimize several layouts and other important objects to ensure the application is accessible from each configuration.


Design User Interface: 


Designing the user interface properly is very crucial when it comes to developing an android tablet application. The best way to design a User Interface is to use responsive and flexible layouts. So that it automatically scales itself well for different screen sizes and resolutions. 


In this way, users will feel no difference in the appearance of the application irrespective of what devices they are using. You can make use of alternate resources like dimension and graphic resources for multiple touch screen types, pixel densities, screen sizes, etc.


Optimize your tablet application:


Mobile or tablet users hate when an application takes more than usual time to load or process. They will also not tolerate if the application is bulky in size and hampering performances of other applications.


The app size and the processing speed determine how successful your android tablet application will be. Avoid using unnecessary and complex variables as much as possible. Try to find better ways to develop the application. So that it loads quicker and also gathers less space in RAM. Usually, new developers commit some common mistakes that reduce the overall speed of the application drastically.


Take care of fragmentation:


Before starting to develop any android tablet application, a developer must be fully aware of the fragmentation of the  Android market. Time after time Google comes out with new versions of Android. The technologies related to it also get enhanced. 


The android tablet application you are developing must be compatible with the latest Android version. And if possible, develop an application that also runs on previous versions as well. That is why you need to be fully aware of how the Android market is fragmented.


Thoroughly test the compatibility of the application:


Testing is the most important phase of development before it gets delivered. Though there are only a few designs and sizes of Android tablets available, do not take any unnecessary risks of not testing your application properly. Here are some tips you can use to thoroughly check your application’s compatibility.


Test the application on tablets that have different screen sizes and configurations simultaneously. Thus you will be able to make sure that in which devices it is performing well and where it is lagging. Try to find reasons behind the lag for particular devices and address them as soon as possible. To build a compatible tablet application.


Once you are completely sure that your application is compatible with every single android tablet device in the market, then launch it on PlayStore.




Most people think that the application development process in both android smartphones and tablets is the same but it is not. The apps’ databases can be the same. But the designing process is completely different. 


As the demand for tablets has recently increased, more android mobile companies are focusing on bringing new tablets to the market. At this very moment investing in the development of android, tablet applications can be a fruitful decision.

7 Useful Tips For Android App Development

20 December 2021


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