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Well, have you been looking for the best 4K TVs? If that is the case, then you have to look no further. Today we will discuss the best and the greatest 4K screens which are available in the market today. 


Well, there has been a boom in the 4K entertainment which is why there is an improvement in the upscaling technologies that enhance the low-resolution content on the pixel-dense displays. This has become the mass-market technology. 


But how will you choose the best 4k TV to buy in 2021? Well, there has been some news launched this year and this is a great time to pick the biggest displays that you have always been dreaming of. 


These TVs are getting cheaper day by day and you need to select the best deals by now. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the best UHD TVs that are currently on the market. 


We will discuss the price, specifications, features, and various elements like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR, and the OLED panel technology. 

You must know that some of the screens mentioned here are going to be pricey as we will be discussing the best screens in the market currently. 


LG C1 OLED Series


The LG C1 OLED is the follow-up for the best 4k TV of 2020 which is the LG CX OLED. Well, now you will be able to understand that why our expectations of C1 OLED were so high and it delivers as well. 


This is because LG has made a number of small tweaks that were the best to the last model’s year. It is now using the LG’s alpha a9 Gen. 4 processor for the best upscaling and the virtual surround sound audio with the four separate HDMI 2.1 ports.


With this TV, you can easily play the Xbox series X, PS5, Xbox Series S, and whatever the latest generation consoles you can throw at it. 


The gamers are also going to appreciate the latest game optimizer menu through which you have the option to quickly adjust the brightness, VRR, and the Constant. 

Although it is the best, the TV is not without flaws. There are some issues that may be few but are necessary to point out.


Sony A90J Oled Series


Well, Sony is not cutting back its prices with the new A90J 4k TV with the OLED. But this is the performance of the LED that justifies this price Tag. The picture quality is as good as it can get currently in a 4K screen and is better in every meaningful department such as the contrast, motion control, detail levels, edge definition, and everything else. 


This TV is great with the upscaling aspect as well. This A90J model of Sony is way ahead when it comes to sound quality. Well, using the entire surface of the screen as the speaker is novice and effective. There are two bass drivers which means that the A90J is going to sound fuller and way better than any of the Tv’s sound speakers. 


You can even attach Roku with this TV and it is going to upscale the low-resolution content brilliantly. With the Smart TV Activation, you will easily be able to use the Roku and stream your favorite content. 


As there is no VRR support, the Xbox series X gamers must watch out. But you are going to find the 4K/120 Hz support and low latency that will match the PS5 console.




This is one truly exceptional value and something that is recommended to everyone out there.  Although there are some tweaks this TV has limited brightness and poor motion handling. 


Although it is brighter than before it is all not so brighter. This TV is more colorful and does not have a single hint of light bleed. It has been designed in a new way that is going to hide your cables. 


This is the first TV that comes with the THX-certified game mode or the 1440p/120 Hz gaming. This is not the TV that we are going to recommend to the next generation of gamers. When you are buying the TV to binge the Netflix, or stream the content from various OTT platforms. 


You are going to get the best viewing experience when you are using this Tv with the Roku. At times you can face the Roku activation error but do not worry as it can be resolved with easy steps and you can continue to have the best watching experience. 


Sony X90J 4K Tv


The Sony X90J can be the best Tv for those who have a heavy budget and who are not bothered with a high-end OLED screen. This TV has an excellent image quality which has all been possible because of its cognitive XR processor. 


This TV also has the best contrast control and upscaling technology. The x90J also supports the best Google Tv platform which can be used for easy setup. It also has a feature of Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio technology. 


When it comes to gaming, the X90J has a 120Hz panel and supports the 4k resolution. There are two. HDMI 2.1 ports for the Xbox series X and the PS5 with a VRR(variable refresh rate) and a great latency mode. This can really enhance your gaming experience. 


There are some issues such as the viewing angles, and the struggle to watch in the sunlight. Although there are some setbacks it has still managed to succeed in delivering a stellar performance at a reasonable price. 


In conclusion:


These are some of the best smart tv brands - 4k HDR, LED, OLED. you can choose according to your specific and what kind of experience you are searching for. The above models have been mentioned keeping in mind experiences such as gaming and movie watching. 

Best Smart TV Brands - 4k HDR, LED, OLED

10 September 2021


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