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There used to a time when every firm out there used to deal in only pen and paper. Whether it is about keeping a record of a long list of customers or bookkeeping, everything was done on only pen and paper. But slowly, time changes and technological evolution gained its pace. Such changes in the market pushed us to the era of software solutions. With software solutions, businesses realized they were using an ancient technique to deal with various business processes and this is why every firm out there accepted the introduction of software solutions with alacrity. 


Now, software solutions have become almost ubiquitous in every industry out there. The market is inundated with different types of software solutions and if you are a graphic designer and thinking that you can’t make a career out of it then this is completely ludicrous. You should know that graphic designers are currently in great demand since many firms are looking forward to building a software solution specific to their business, specific to their purpose, and specific to their own business operation. 


But just like every technological solution, even the world of software solutions keeps on evolving and this is why graphic designers can’t keep on using the same software for years in order to give impeccable results. Just like every industry and profession, even graphic designers need to keep tabs on the latest trends and introductions. There is no denial in the fact that software solutions have become inherent in the profession of graphic designing but you have to be very specific about which type of software solution you want to choose in order to give impeccable results. 


This is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best software solutions that you can use in 2021 as a graphic designer. 


Affinity Designer


After hearing this name, you might have started thinking that this software solution is just a replacement for DrawPlus X8. But one of the most important things to note here is the powerful Affinity Designer is not a rehash rather this software solution has been built from the ground during 5 years of period by Serif and this is why you can trust this software solution without any second thoughts. 


This software solution is aimed at professional designers and how all the graphic designers out there work. The best part about this software is it can handle a wide array of tasks involved in graphic designing. Some of those important tasks that Affinity Designer can easily handle are concept art, branding, repeating patterns, web, and so forth so on. 


Even if you are working with a team of designers, you don’t need to worry about teamwork since this powerful graphic designing software is completely cloud compatible. So, even while using Affinity Designer, you can easily work towards the common goal without the need of sending files back and forth. 


Adobe Illustrator CC


It doesn’t matter which type of software solution you are searching for or how specific your requirements are, while on the hunt for the best software solution, there are maximum chances that you will stumble upon the powerful Adobe Illustrator CC. You can say that the powerful and easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector version of Photoshop and both the software solutions share many common tools and features. This similarity helps all the designers who are looking forward to using both the software solution. 


Even if you are looking forward to creating a design that can be easily scaled from a simple postage stamp to the size of a giant billboard, Adobe Illustrator CC should be your only choice. There used to be a time when anyone can easily buy Adobe Illustrator CC outright but things have changed now. Now the powerful product for graphic designers is offered with the Creative Cloud Suite. 


If you are considering the price of Adobe Illustrator CC then you should know that it is not economical. But if you are planning to go professional with your graphic designing career and give the best results then you should use Adobe Illustrator CC. 




One of the main reasons why Sketch is not as famous as other graphic design tools are it is a mac only designer software solution and the main focus of this software solution is digital design only. All the digital designs made from Sketch are used on apps, websites, and even on many different types of interfaces. 


One of the main things that set this powerful software solution apart from other graphic designing tools is it is not used for any type of print or photo editing.If you will be using this powerful software solution then you can build a prototype while collaborating with other designers in your team. 


There is also a smart layout feature of this software solution that makes it unique and more useful. In the smart layout feature, the component resizes itself on the basis of the content and this happens almost automatically. 


If you are a fan of plugins then you will be happy to use this powerful softwar solution since it comes with a long list of plugins that allows you to do vector editing. Using these plugins, you can easily complete all the works with precision and this is what makes this software solution more useful.  




This is one of those software solutions that was designed for Windows only but when it gained popularity and more people started using it, the company introduced the Mac version as well. If you will use this robust software solution then you will be able to create professional vector illustrations with ease. 


This software solution is inundated with tools and features that will help you in getting the job done faster. There are even various types of customization options, regardless of whether you are working on web design, logo, or anything else. There is a long list of professional graphics designers who use CorelDRAW without any second thoughts. You will never end up gripping about any features of this software since it is feature-packed and easy to use as well.


Adobe Photoshop


If you talk about one of the most powerful, popular, and used graphic designing software then the first name that pops up in the mind of most people is Adobe Photoshop. This is also one of the most easily recognized software solutions used in every corner of the world. You can say that Adobe Photoshop is inherent to every person who wishes to do something with graphic design.


From basic cropping to grandmother cloud figure, the powerful software solution in the form of Adobe Photoshop is surely one of the best choices. We can say that when it comes to image manipulation, Adobe Photoshop can do everything you can think of. 


This is surely one of the best lists of software solutions that can be used by a graphic designer. If you have been on the hunt for the best software solution as a graphic designer then you can any one of the software solution mentioned in this blog post and make your service more professional and precise. 

Best software for a graphic designer in 2021

24 May 2021


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