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Gone are those days when running a business meant only having a brick-and-mortar shop and maintaining it in a well profound manner. There used to be a time when if you had a business idea the only way to make it successful and make it a reality was to establish a brick and mortar shop first as there was no other option instead of your physical presence of the business. But since now we have slowly moved to the digital era more and more businesses are able to bring their ideas into reality without any issue.


Because of the rise of the digital era more and more businesses are joining the industry and this is the main reason why the number of small businesses has started increasing at a very fast pace. You'll be surprised to know that nowadays most of the country's GDP is being fueled by small and medium-sized businesses since starting a business has become a pie in comparison to what it used to be a couple of decades ago. This is one of the main reasons why most industries are dealing with the high competition at even small levels.


This simply means that just being present on a digital platform will not be enough as you have to make sure that you are setting yourself apart from other players in the industry and having the strongest digital presence that will make people succumb to visit your website without any second thoughts. One of the best ways you can start setting yourself apart from other places in the industry and build a strong digital presence is by building an impeccable website that includes all the features that people are looking for.


There are millions of websites out there and their maximum chances are that if you will not have a good website then your digital presence will be lost among those millions of websites and this is what you will need to avoid at any cost.


You might be thinking that an impeccable website is all about having a seamless website that loads quickly and has a high-tech security system but this is not it as there are many other things that you must include in your website to make it unique and impeccable.


This is my in this blog post we are going to tell you the 10 features that you must include in your website without any second thoughts.


Newsletter subscription


If you are running a website then there are maximum chances that you must be working on building an email list and this is not possible without increasing our newsletter subscription option on your website. 


You must make sure that your website has a newsletter subscription option where people will get information about your company product and other news through their mail and this is how you will be able to build an email list without any issue.


Product videos


If you keep tabs on the trends of the internet you must be aware of the fact that what we do is the most consumed type of content on the digital platform. Including YouTube promotes product videos, you can make people stay on your website since people are more interested in watching a video.


But this doesn't mean that you should include a 10-minute video about the product as a promotional marketing video is not more than two or three minutes and you should get it done through a professional video-making company instead of making it a DIY project.


Interview videos


If you are thinking that product videos are enough to make people stay on your website and make your website in use then you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Another type of video that you can include on a website is an interview-based video where the management or any high post person in the company can give an interview about the company or any other topic.


For example, if you are running an FMCG company then the CEO of the company can give an interview where he will tell you about the current status of the FMCG industry and its impacts on the economy of the country. This is just an example of interview-based video as there are many ways you can include and interview best video and give the reason for people to stay on your website.


Good quality SEO optimize images


Images of the most important parts of a website and you should not forget about including good quality images if you are building an incredible website for your business. But in the risk of including high-quality images, you should not slow down your website as if the website will take time to know them if you will not stay on it.


In addition to using high-quality images, you have to make sure that all the images included on your website are SEO optimized. If you don't know anything about SEO optimisation of images then you can read about it or you can choose an SEO-based company that will take care of the SEO optimization of images and other aspects of your website.


Contact us information


If you're not going to include the contact us information on your website then you are going to miss out on one of the biggest opportunities for people to get connected with your business or get their questions answered regarding the business of the product. The contact us page is one of the important pages which allows people visiting the website to know more about the product or business.


If you are building a contact us page then you must include all the information about your company required by people to get connected like your address, phone number, fax details, email id and all other information that is necessary.


Product category pages


One of the biggest mistakes that most of the newbies make in building a website is that they don't focus on building a product category-based page and they just include a home page along with a contact us page and other informational pages. You are a product-based company then it becomes very necessary to include pages on the basis of the product category.


For example if you are running a polished company then there should be specific pages for specific categories of polishes. This allows the customer to get more information about your product and they are able to research about the product in a more detailed way.


Customer testimonials


If you're planning to win the trust of the visitors that will be coming to your website in the best way then all you need to start including customer testimonials on a website without any second thoughts. Customer testimonials speak about the positive aspects of your company and do the business gets to know how good your company is and how the customers are responding to your company.


If you will be running a business for a couple of years then you must have previous customers or current customers who will be ready to give reviews about your company through videos or even through texts. You can include all these reviews on the main page of a website in order to make people believe that your business is authentic and customers trust it.




It is better whether you are doing it for SEO purposes or for giving information to the visitors. You must include the blog post in your website on a regular basis and you should have a dedicated page of blog posts on your website. 99% of the websites that you will come across on the internet will have a dedicated block post page and there is a  proper reason behind it.


Publishing regular blogs on articles on your website allows the SEO Google algorithm to know that your website is being updated regularly and this helps in losing your rank as well. In addition to this, adding blogs also helps you to give a reason for people to visit your website since you will be giving information regarding your industry and your product.


About us page


A website without a about us page is just like a brick and motors shop without any information about the product kept on the shelf. If a person visiting your website will have no information about the company and its origin then they will never be interested in buying a product or service from your website and this is the main reason why you should always add an about us page on your website. 


One of the most important things that you should know here is that an about us page should contain detailed information about your company. From the mission of the company and the vision of the company to the origin and the future goals of the company, everything should be included in the about us page so that the visitors can know about your business in a more detailed way and get connected with it in a better way.

Don't forget to include these 9 things on your website

01 July 2021


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