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Websites are something that has become inherent for all the firms out there. Doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a giant firm, you must have a website for your firm otherwise you are going to lose out on a very big opportunity. You should also know that in the modern era, people actually first search for a product or service on the internet and then only engage with the business and therefore if you are not in the mood of giving a chance to the customers to gripe, you should come up with the best website on the internet. 


But the main catch here is the internet is inundated with websites and there are millions of websites on the internet. Amidst the website, most of the internet users have become quite selective about the type of website they look forward to visiting. Well, this is where you have to be pristine and make sure that you stand out from the crowd. In order to have a pristine and impeccable website, you will have to make sure that you are not making your website look ludicrous.


You will not have to give any room for mistakes on your websites since there are other websites in the queue, waiting for you to make a mistake. In addition to losing customers, web design mistakes can put you in deep trouble as well since there are evil-minded people out there who are always looking forward to getting their hands on your website. Well, this is where you have to be specific and build a website without making any mistakes. 


To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of mistakes that you shouldn’t make while bundling a website for your firm. 


Ignoring the alt text


One of the biggest mistakes that most people make during website design is to consider alt text for images ludicrous and write anything in the space provided. Well, if you are looking forward to building an impeccable website then you will have to zero down all the mistakes and this is one of those mistakes that you should ignore. 


You should know that the alt text for images is used to describe what the picture is all about when the images on your website are not able to load. They are also used for visually imperative people since through the text, they can get to know what the image is trying to tell. But above all, the alt text for images plays an important role in SEO as well and this is why you should include alt text for images in your SEO strategy with alacrity. 


But you should never use words like ‘This image for’ since it will look completely ludicrous. Imagine a situation where the website is not loading and instead of the image the words’ This image for’ appear. Try to be specific with what you mention in your alt text and if possible, try to include keywords in your alt text. 


Not using plugins 


If you are trying to build a website then there are maximum chances that you must be building it on WordPress. We are so sure about it since most of the firms trying to build a website, especially professional websites, turn to WP without any second thoughts. The internet is inundated with websites powered by WP but just using WP for making websites is not enough as you will have to make sure you are capitalizing on the advanced features of WP. 


Well, one such feature of WP that you can use in order to build an impeccable website is the plugin and if you are not using plugins then you are surely making one of the most ludicrous mistakes of your life. For most professional WP web designers, plugins are almost inherent to their strategy since there are many things you can do with the help of plugins. 


For example, if you are new to WP and looking forward to an easy-to-use tool for WP then you can install the very useful Elementor plugin. With the help of this plugin, making changes on your website becomes a pie and this is one of the main reasons why using plugins should be inherent to your overall web designing strategy. 


Trying to be economical 


There is no denial in the fact that you will always try to save money while running a business since being cost-effective is the key to success in all the industries out there. But there are many people out there who compromise the quality of their website to save money.. Well, one such mistake that you can make while trying to build a website is to not buy a hosting plan instead, stay dependent on the free websites. 


When you choose to build a website then you will get two options. You can either build a website on for free or you can buy a hosting plan and then build a website on Well, the latter one is always a good option since it will give the domain name and many other features but that is not the case with 


So, never try to save money while building a website and always plan to use a hosting plan for buildings a website. A purchase hosting plan with a domain name will give you a wide array of options and your website will look more professional as well. 


Doing everything on your own 


When you will look at web designing platforms like Wix or Weebly, you might start thinking that building a website is a pie since all you need to do is to cut, copy and paste everything from the left-hand side column to the right-hand side column but that is not the case in actuality. When you will be building a website then it will not be only about building a good-looking website but it will also be about SEO optimization, website speed, and many more things. Well, this is where using an expert or professional for website building will come in handy. 


If you are thinking that hiring a full-time web designer for building a website is ludicrous then think again as a web designer can help you in many ways and most of the firms looking forward to building a professional website stick with professional web designers. 


If you are not in the mood of hiring a full-time web designer then you can outsource website building to a third-party company. 


So, if you are looking forward to building a website then build a complete strategy first since building an impeccable website is not an easy task. There are many aspects of building a website that you will have to keep in mind. You can also use this blog as a blog post in order to avoid any kind of mistake while building a website and this will help you in coming up with an ideal website for your company. A good website will allow you to capitalize on the advantages of the digital platform and more people will be interested in engaging with your business. 

Don't make these common web designing mistakes

02 July 2021


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