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Since India is a developing country, it has a lot of potential in various sectors and prospects. One such highly potent platform is content writing. How so? The pandemic has driven the world into their homes. This means they have more time to surf on the internet, which means they will consume more online content, which means there is excellent scope for content writers.


I will show you how to be spot on with your writing and guide you on presenting your content like a pro. To gain further knowledge, you can join a good content writing course


Before we get to the know-how, let us see the scope of content writing in India. 




Be it India or any other country; it is freelancing that is getting all the attention. It is the go-to in today’s world for any firm. As a result, companies are shifting towards freelancers rather than looking out for full-time employees. 


Freelancing has a lot of scopes when it comes to content writing. 


  • A freelancer is not tied down to a single company.

  • He/She has the ease of jumping to the next company anytime they want.

  • The rules and norms of the company do not apply to a freelancer other than the norms declared by the employee towards the freelancer.

  • Freelancers get a good amount of pay (depending on the number of words they write).


There are a lot of pros when it comes to freelancing in content writing. Moreover, global companies’ attention is shifting on freelancers due to various reasons.


  • Low costs of freelancers, as opposed to full-time employees.

  • Freelancers are available in a large number and so are readily available.

  • They have no commitment while working with freelancers.




The easiest way to learn and gain a good amount of experience is by doing internships. This is for the youngsters studying in high schools and colleges. A good work experience will certainly help you in the future. Plus, if you start early, your writing skills will improve drastically when you are a grown-up. A great way of learning, especially in India. 


Short Term commitments will help you in building a great resume. In addition, there are content writing institutes that provide paid internships to their students. So you can join these institutes.  One such is The Thought Tree


Tips to Become a Content Writer in India


Language Skills


Language Skills represent your basic understanding of any language. There are many factors associated with your language skills. For example, there is grammar, sentence structure, words used, spellings, and so on. This tells how good of a hold you have on the language.


  • Grammar – This includes your basic grammar abilities like proper sentence formation, punctuations, use of grammatical tools, and so on.Grammatical mistakes will cost you your basic impression of an educated person. So, it is crucial to bring a certain level of clarity to your sentences.

  • Sentence Structure – This is your ability to be spot on with the length of the sentence. For this, proper implementation of punctuation is essential. Avoid sentences of big lengths and small lengths. Also, keep the length of the sentences similar.

  • Words Used –  Use simple words. This will appeal to a broader audience. Usage of day-to-day words will attract more people. It also shows your ability to explain something in simple terms. Use technical jargon whenever writing for a highly educated or informed audience. But, other than that, use simple words.

  • Spellings – This is just basic knowledge for any writer. Avoid spelling mistakes. Even the tiniest spelling mistake will hamper your image.




There are a few tones that are used commonly to impart knowledge in a certain manner. You can have an informative tone, a general tone, an aggressive tone, and so on. Your tone will decide your audience type.


  • Informative – This is for people looking to seek knowledge actively. This is generally used for highly informed people or audiences. In this type of tone, usage of technical terms is common; the approach is assumed that the audience knows its stuff.

  • General – This is for all kinds of audiences. Simple, suave tone with a simple body imparting brief information on any particular topic. A most common form of tone. It attracts a lot of audiences.

  • Aggressive – Actively forcing knowledge on people or the audience. Along with the tone, the promotion technique can also come off as aggressive. Usage of forceful language and exerting ideologies through content and being highly persuasive. Not that favorable.




The way you present your content. Style and tone will account for a good amount of your presentation, the remaining being content and quality. There are a couple of styles that beginners can try.


  • Professional style refers to highly concise points, professional fonts, margins, templates, and narration. They are used in company meetings.

  • Gully style refers to a highly informal style, including a roller coaster of topics and highly decentralized motives. Creative and aesthetic fonts and templates are used.

  • Simple style refers to default white templates, a default font, and a default margin. This is highly common. Most efficient and easiest of the styles.




This refers to how creative you can be with the presentation of your content and the words used. You have to be colorful and innovative. The style and the quality of your content are highly influenced by your ability to be creative. Always have something up your sleeve. The sentences must be captivating and attractive. 

Use unique fonts and templates that are not used regularly. Attract readers with catchy headlines and keep them glued with interesting facts and stats. This mantra will ensure the credibility and interest of your readers.




This refers to how good you are at utilizing the space of your content or article. Your content and creativity will allow you to fill up space in the best way possible. Usage of multimedia like images, videos, and so on and art forms is recommended, as they keep the reader hooked. 


Use bullet points and keep the points and paragraphs short. Use clear language, no big words, no unnecessary information, and no unwanted assumptions. Keep it to the point – Concise and Clear.


There are many ways to promote your content. 


1 Social Media – This is the best and quickest way to promote your content in India due to many users. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This also increases your social media presence.


2 Professional Platforms – LinkedIn, E-mails, and so on are a great way of promoting your content online. Along with this, you can also promote content via blogging and guest posts.


That is it for now. I hope you guys took something meaningful from this piece. I would suggest taking up a great content writing course like T3’s. It will provide you with the excellent skills and tools you require on your journey.


Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate it.

How to become a content writer in India

29 June 2021


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