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If you are going to run a business then there is no denial in the fact that you will have to take care of many things and this is one of the main reasons why not all businesses are able to become successful. You will have to make sure that all the aspects of the business are being taken care of otherwise you will have to deal with a lot of issues. There are many people who start a business just by thinking that they will have to focus on only sales and marketing but that’s not true as there are many other aspects that you will need to take care of. 


Well, one of those aspects that you will have to focus on while running a business is customer service. You should know that customer service has now become one of the most important parts of running a business and you can even gain a competitive advantage by providing the right type of customer service. It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how much experience you have, you can never make the most of your business if you do not have proper customer service. 


But gone are those days when we used to rely on traditional methods for providing customer service as in the modern era, we have technological solutions like RPA and chatbots that help us in improving customer service. But you should know that in addition to being used for customer service, these two technological solutions are also being used for workforce management. But how do you choose the best one among them?


You should know that we are living in an era of options and therefore, to choose the right option, you need to have at least the basic information and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post. 


Understanding the basics 


If you want to understand the difference between RPA and chatbots then, first of all, you will need to understand the basics of both these technologies and this is what we are going to do through this blog post and that too in a detailed manner. 


One of the main things that you will have to understand here is automation software, whether it is RPA or chatbots, are specially designed software solutions that are designed to automate all the complicated and repetitive processes that are usually monotonous in nature. Well, we are living in the ear of automation and therefore, using such kinds of software solutions is very necessary since it allows you to get the job done faster and with 100% accuracy. 


There are many industries out there that are heavily investing in automation so that the entire process can become seamless. Some of those industries that are heavily investing in automation software solutions and processes are retail, utility, eCommerce, finance, and even education. 


Now, coming back to workforce management, both the automation technologies that are mentioned in this blog post have their own strategy and process. This is why there is nothing like the best technological solution as it all depends on your need and requirement. 


Now, to make things clearer to you, we have come up with a detailed explanation of both the automation technologies. 


Robotic Process Automation Solution or RPA solution 


RPA is one of those automation solutions that is integrated with any system, it is going to automate the entire process and this is what any company will love to do if they have repetitive, confusing, and time-consuming operations in their organization. There are basically three main types of RPA solutions that are offered by any type of Robotic Process Automation solution provider.


  • Attended RPA- This is one of those types of RPA solutions that can’t operate by itself and therefore, it always required human involvement. 

  • Unattended RPA- This is one of those types of RPA solutions that can work independently and that too without any type of human interaction. 

  • Hybrid RPA- This is basically a type of combined RPA that uses the features of both the above-mentioned RPA solutions. 


So, if you are looking forward to choosing an RPA solution that doesn't require any type of human involvement then you need to stick with the unattended RPA otherwise you will have both the option of hybrid RPA and attended RPA. 


AI chatbots software


In this case, modern ventures team up with AI chatbots software and solution providers to attain a bot that can interact with customers just like a human in the chat section and that too in a personalized tone. While bots are used to interact with customers, in the case of HR, these bots are introduced for improving the employee experience as the bots are specially designed to recognize requests and provide instant responses to the users. 


The modern and powerful conversational bots are being used for solving all the simple queries that are already preloaded in the knowledge base of the bot. This means that whenever the bot will come across a similar type of question, it will provide the exact fed answer and solution. Well, this is how the bots will work or any other HR managing software solution is going to work. 


Well, most people know chatbots as customer service solutions since most of the customers now know that instead of humans, the companies are using the power of bots for providing round-the-clock customer service and that too without any hassle and with 100% accuracy. But this doesn’t mean that chatbots are less effective in the case of workflow management as we have already seen an example. 


Both the chatbots and the RPA may look similar but you should know that they both provide different functions because their characteristics are completely different. 

RPA vs Chatbot – Which is Better for Workforce Management

27 August 2021


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