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As the name suggests, a router is a device which “routers” the traffic between our devices and the internet. It is a device that interconnects data packets to-and-fro between computer networks. With the correct sort of router in your home, you might have the option to appreciate quicker web access, help shield your family from cyber threats, and maintain a strategic distance from those goading Wi-Fi dead spots. One doesn’t need to be a “techie” to know what the router is and how it works. 


A routers’ job is to discover and connect our devices such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and many more such devices to the internet. It provides a connection between these devices and the internet, which is provided by our internet service provider, commonly known as ISP. 

There are two types of routers commonly used:


  • Wireless Routers

  • Wired Router

Whenever looking for a router, one should consider various properties as mentioned below:


Wi-Fi Coverage


It refers to the range to which a router can provide internet service. The signal strength depends strongly on the area cover by the router and the number of obstacles that prevent the signal from reaching the devices. Most routers have a range of 25 meters.


Wi-Fi Performance


In this era, technology keeps changing at an unrecognizable speed. One should be updated with devices working on the latest technology. This helps in providing high speed and better security for any device. Modern routers come with better network performances with reduced latency, firmware, and the facility to connect to many devices at a time without any interruption. 


Wi-Fi Security


When any device is connected to the internet, it is most vulnerable to cyber threats. Hackers have tools that can penetrate our network, install malware, and gain access to our devices to steal our data. Having a router that has built-in network security features protects us from these cyber-attacks. 


Radio Bands


Routers these days come with at least two radio bandwidths, i.e., a 2.4GHz band and a 5GHz band. A 2.4GHz group provides a higher range/coverage area, and a 5GHz group provides more top speed but little coverage area.

So far, I have briefed you about the router. But one should be updated with the latest and the best available device currently running in the market. Here is a brief about one of the best routers of 2020 to date: TP-LINK Archer AX6000


TP-LINK Archer AX6000


The TP-LINK Archer AX6000 is an 802.11ax router that delivers relatively fast throughput speeds and packs a lot of tech in its sizable frame. It is the best high-performance router. Competing with it is Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300(latest version Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC11000), which has similar major specs but is a bit costlier. TP-LINK Archer AX6000 costs $300 while the latter one costs $350. There is no reason to spend that extra $50 when you can use all the similar features in Asus. 


They were wondering why I decided to go with TP-Link rather than Asus? Catch it in the next few lines.

TP-LINK Archer AX6000 provides Wi-Fi 6 connectivity without any compromise in its performance. This is the most beautiful part of the router. One can get a high-speed network without any latency! This means you can not just surf the internet without any interruptions but play games online without fighting with your teammate due to lag in internet speed. Bonanza!


Not just this, but it can be installed in offices where multiple connections are required at high speed as it provides its users excellent rates of up to 4804Mbps on the 5GHz band and 1148Mbps on the 2.4GHz group. Compatible with new technologies like OFDMA and MU-MIMO which, as I mentioned earlier, helps in providing high-speed internet service to multiple users. Also, it gives USB-C port for charging and high-speed data transfers, along with 9 Gigabits Ethernet Ports.

The router includes a technology that moves devices between bands if one is too crowded. Also compatible with Alexa so that you can perform voice commands for basic network management commands. The Archer AX6000 is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 128MB of flash memory. It provides a high-speed file transfer system. 


Also, eight antennas give better connectivity between the router and internet service provider, supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, contain WPA, WPA2 & WPA3 wireless security protocols to protect from cyber threats, supports VPN and firewall. The router weighs 3.5lb/1587.56g, which is light as compared to Asus ROG. It comes with a limited two-year manufacturing warranty.


TP-Link Tether App can manage the router for iOS and Android devices. The app can be used to modify router configuration settings, network passwords, device management, and many more services. 


With all these specs and the latest technologies, the TP-LINK Archer AX6000 is a complete package. High performance, versatility, and cost gives it a chance for one of the best routers available in the market.  


The Best 2020 Wi-Fi Router You Need To Know About TODAY!

17 July 2020


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