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We are living in a technological era where technological evolution has given us many gifts. Cloud computing, AI, machine learning, big data, IoT, are some of those technological innovations that have made us accurate, effective, efficient, productive, and quick. But there used to be a time when the gifts of technology were limited to rich people or giant companies only and now, the scenario has completely changed. Technology is now accessible to people with limited budgets along with small businesses. And one such technological gift that is being enjoyed by everyone is mobile phones. 


Mobile phones are no more limited to a gadget of communication as the mobile phones of the modern era have become almost like a mini-computer . You can send messages, browse the internet, edit videos, work on excel, start gaming, and do many other things on your mobile phone. But along with the added features, the maintenance of mobile phones has also increased. This is why, in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the tips that you can use for increasing the life of your mobile phone. 


Use anti-virus 


Many mobile fanatics will suggest you to not use anti-virus on your mobile phone as according to those mobile fanatics, such anti-virus is going to slow down your phone. But the modern smartphones are highly capable of dealing with heavy apps and therefore, you don’t have to deal with any issue even while using an anti-virus. The current mobile phones are coming up with more than 256 GB of internal storage, and high RAM capacity and this is what makes the use of even heavy apps easy. 


There are various antiviruses available on the Google Play store and you can choose the best one according to the compatibility of your mobile phone and other specifications. Since you are going to browse the internet on your smartphone, using an anti-virus is going to keep your smartphone protected from all the different types of threats lurking on the digital platform. An antivirus will block spam, pop-ups and even inform you regarding suspicious websites. And the best part is most of these anti-viruses are free of cost. 


Use screen guard and back cover


It’s true that the beauty of smartphones decreases with the use of screen guards and back cover but you shouldn’t be ready to compromise the safety of your smartphone for its beauty. Even if you use your smartphone carefully and never misuse it, there are maximum chances at some point in time, your smartphone is going to slip from your hand. Even some of the hardcore smartphones wouldn’t be able to resist such impact with the ground and this is why you will need screen protector along with the back cover. 


Now, the market for a back cover has widened and instead of hiding the look of your smartphone, it is only going to accentuate it. You can begin searching for back cover and screen guard on e-commerce sites and don’t plan on buying a cheap screen guard since by saving a small amount of money on back cover, you will end up spending a fortune on your damaged smartphone. And if you have a good quality camera in your smartphone then you must shop for a back cover that comes with a camera protector. 


Don’t download apps from other sources


If you are using an android smartphone then the Google Play store should be your only platform for downloading different types of apps. And if you are using Apple then the Apple store should be the only place for downloading games and apps. Many people think that downloading apps from untrusted sources is not going to affect the performance of their mobile but that is not the case here.


Criminally minded people are always on the hunt for such smartphone users who keep on downloading apps and games from untrusted sources. Downloading an app or game from an untrusted source means giving access to your camera, contact, media files to a third party that is not trusted. This is where the real problem will start. The untrusted app may affect the performance of your mobile and there are maximum chances that it will leave some kind of virus in your smartphone as well. 


Keep cleaning the storage and never keep it full 


One of the main reasons behind the slow performance of a smartphone is too many files, games, and apps. It’s true that modern mobile phones are built to handle heavy apps and they come with gigantic storage capacity but this doesn’t mean that these mobile phones don’t have any limit. If you are going to keep the storage of your mobile phone full then be ready to deal with lag and slow performance. According to the standard rules, you should keep at least 40% of the mobile space free. 

In addition to this, you have to ensure that you are regularly cleaning the storage of your mobile phone. But this doesn’t mean deleting all the important files, images, apps, and videos from your mobile phone. All you need to do is to clear the cache weekly. The cache on your mobile doesn’t play an important role but it can occupy as much as 10 GB on your mobile phone if you are not going to clean it regularly. 


Mobile phones have become a necessity in the current era as it acts as a panacea for everyone out there. But just owning a good mobile phone is not enough as you have to ensure that you are maintaining it properly. The features of mobile phones might have increased with time but the life of mobile phones has surely decreased. This is where you have to work on as you will never wish to keep buying mobile after every 2 years. Just use the tips mentioned in this blog post and keep using the same mobile phone for many years and that too without compromising on the quality of mobile phones. 

Tips for increasing the life of your mobile phones

16 June 2021


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