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Marketing strategy has gone through a vast phase of evolution and what you are witnessing today is a result of many years of transformation. Every change in the demand and technology leads to a little bit of tweaking in the way we do marketing and some events like the influx of the internet have completely changed the way we do marketing. You should know that we are no longer confined to the traditional way of marketing like banner ads and TV ads as we have moved to the digital era of marketing where marketing is cheap and easy. 


But you should know that even the digital platform is inundated by various types of content that are being used for the purpose of marketing and instead of griping about the increasing amount of content, the internet users are liking it. You should know that people are accepting the various types of content with alacrity but the most liked form of content that is being devoured by internet users is video. 


We can say that now, videos are inherent to the internet and we are no longer confined to only images and text. This is where all the firms out there can capitalize. Amidst the different types of marketing tactics, businesses should go on using video marketing as the best form of content. 


Instead of considering video marketing ludicrous and skipping, you should start using its power in the best possible way. There are various ways through which you can improve your video marketing strategy and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of how to enhance your video marketing strategy. 


Be to the point 


One of the main things that you will have to do in order to spruce up your video marketing strategy is to be to the point instead of inundating your video with many things. You should know that the internet is inundated with videos and therefore, it is quite challenging to make people stay to watch your video. If you keep talking about different things and then come to the point then no one will be interested in watching your video. Amidst the wide array of videos on the internet, people have become quite specific with what they want to watch. 


So if you are only focusing on the length of the video then it is totally ludicrous. You should never get confined to the length of the video as the main thing is the quality of the video. Keep the video short or as much as you need instead of trying to make it a 10-minute long video. 


If you are making a video about your company then try to keep it only 3 minutes long but if you are making a video about some important topic then you can go as long as 20 minutes. Deciding on the ideal length of the video should be inherent to video marketers. 


Focus on the start 


It’s true that video is the most consumed form of content on the online platform and no one’s gripes about the inundation of videos on the internet but this doesn’t mean you can make any type of video and get people to love it. The world of video marketing has become challenging and this is where you will need to use the power of creativity and innovation in order to make people watch the whole video instead of increasing the bounce rate. 


Well, even in the case of videos, you have a short attention span. You can take the example of Facebook, where videos start appearing one by one when you start watching them. The first 5 to 10 seconds of your video are very important because this is where the customer decides whether to keep watching the video with alacrity or move to another video. 


So make sure that you are using the first couple of seconds of the video in the best possible way otherwise you will never be able to get palpable results from your efforts. Making people watch your video with alacrity is a talent and you must use the first couple of seconds of the starting of the video in order to increase the reach of your video. 


Choose a trending topic


Have you been searching for a wide array of topics for making a video and still not able to find it. Well, instead of making videos on ludicrous topics, you can go on making videos on topics that are actually trending in the market. Well, this will aid your videos to pop up in the search results, and thus, your videos will be inundated with views. This is one of the best approaches used by the businesses out there to increase the views on their videos. 


You can take the example of the current COVID-19 situation. If you are planning to make a video and run a video marketing strategy then making people aware of the effects of covid should be inherent to your video. Nowadays, more and more people are searching for information related to COVID-19 and therefore, you must make sure that you are capitalizing on this trending topic by making a video on it. 


But you should also know that just making a video on a trending topic will not be enough as you will also have to ensure that you are providing the right information regarding the trending topics instead of just making the trending topic inherent to your video. So, instead of just saying be safe from the virus in your videos, you can include some important facts regarding the current situation as this will make people more interested in your video. 


Use the best platform 


Another important thing that you will have to keep in mind while composing a video is to make sure that you are using the right platform for publishing your videos. From YouTube to Instagram Reels, from Facebook to Twitter, there are many platforms out there where you can publish your video but you should be very precise with which platform you choose. 


One of the first things to look for in this case is where your audience is. If you know that your audience is present more on Instagram instead of other social media platforms then you should use the newly launched Reels of Instagram in order to capture a wider market. Similarly, if your audience is present on Facebook then you should use the power of Facebook videos for launching your videos. 


In addition to considering where your target audience is, you should also look at the efficiency of the platform in order to make sure that you are making the most of your video marketing campaign. There are many platforms out there that you can use but all of them are not that efficient. But then there are those platforms that should be inherent in your video marketing strategy like YouTube. 


If you are looking forward to improving your video marketing then you must make sure that you are using this blog post as a guide since this blog post will help you in sprucing up your existing strategy. 

Tips for sprucing up your video marketing strategy

02 July 2021


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