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Video calling is one of the common modes of communication so as to ensure clarity between the two individuals. Businesses are making most of the technology and drastically changing the ways they operate to ensure smoother operations. There is a rise in on-demand communication due to globalization and thus video calling apps are getting popular. For modern-day entrepreneurs, it is all about innovating, growing, building, and maintaining a good relationship with the stakeholder. Thus, video calling apps enhance communication efficiency and boost the productivity of businesses. 


Video conferencing is a common phenomenon for businesses so as to ensure remote communication. It is a safer option to communicate with less chance of cybercriminals breaking into the system. Contact Android app developers so as to get details on suitable video calling apps for android systems. The benefit of video conferencing is to facilitate the individuals or groups without requiring face-to-face meet. The mobile app development companies are able to provide the right information so as to adapt to technologies swiftly. 


To make online meetings successful, businesses need to have the right apps in use! Video calling apps are facilitating online meets through internet connectivity and with personal devices like laptops or handsets. Select a video calling app so as to connect with clients and consumers at distant places. Make use of efficient technology so as to reduce the communication bottlenecks and make the businesses accessible. The article is providing details related to the top 10 video calling apps in use today. 


Table of Contents 


  • Viber

  • Messenger

  • IMO

  • Google Duo

  • Skype

  • WhatsApp

  • Tango

  • Kik

  • LINE

  • Signal

  • Final Thoughts!


The reduction of commuting time is one of the top reasons so as to select video conferencing apps. Teleconferencing is a far better option today so as to enhance sustainability within the organization. Technology has advanced to a new high and has touched normal lives in extraordinary ways! Video chats or calls for Android use effective compression algorithms. It connects with high-speed internet so as to interact with a person face-to-face with just a few taps on android sets. 


Technology has fast-paced the video calling feature so as to enhance the lives of commoners. There are plenty of options these days to video call or conference with an individual or a group. Finding the right video calling app is vital so as to connect to the world for business needs. Let us look at the list of popular video calling apps for android devices. 




It is one of the popular apps so as to make secured video chat with friends and officials! The app got a lot of traction in recent years and supports all kinds of android devices. It is undoubtedly the top-listed video calling option in 2021. Viber is available with improved features and the cross-platform is free for almost all operating systems. 


The app is providing a secured communication between the caller and the receiver! It encrypts text messages, video calls, group chats, and more so as to secure the information. Viber has a simple interface and ensures easy sharing of files. 




Facebook Messenger is one of the trendiest video calling apps in the market! The popularity is for its business as well as peruse. The app is best suited for Android devices and does require any changes in the mobile settings. It is simple to use and gets connected very easily! Send a text message or start video chats easily with the messenger app. 


The features of the app include top-quality video calls, sending GIFs, tickers, captured photos, and emojis. Install the app so as to keep track of chats with other users and make reservations for business use. Messenger is having a rating of 4.2 in Google Play Store and over 1 billion installations have done so far. 




If you’re looking for an easy-going video chat app, then IMO is the best pick! IMO offers a free video call and chatting facility for Android devices. The app doesn’t have much to offer other than the best quality voice & video calls and text messaging. Select the video calling app so as to ensure protected video conferences. 


The cross-platform is compatible with android devices and provides complete encryption to messages. IMO is using fewer data at the time of video calls and gets easily connected over 2G, 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi networks. Small businesses can use it best in their purpose with video calling and texting features. 


Google Duo


Google Duo is the choice for businesses to make conference calls and also make group calls within the team. The video calling app is particularly meant for android devices and it has a simple interface. Google Duo is simple to use and helps to make reliable video calls! Simply verify your number so as to start using the app for free. 


The cross-platform tool is having the ‘knock-knock’ feature that provides the live preview of the caller before receiving the calls. It is a popular app across people of all age groups and has all the modern features so as to do a video conference call. 




Skype has been among the widely used video calling app for some time now! It has a stronghold among industry professionals and supports cross-functional devices. Download the app for free so as to start making calls with a simple login. The Android app is coming with a whole lot of features so as to ensure high-speeding sharing of information. 


Skype supports easy connectivity so as to make quick calls to the other individual. The app supports video calls to a group of 25 people and sending of easy voice messages. Install the video calling app so as to stay 




WhatsApp has evolved over time and is a top-favorite app for all kinds of calling! The video calling feature is getting the support of millions across the globe alongside its text messaging feature. It is a cross-function app and thus supports all kinds of android tools. Download the video calling app for free so as to send instant messages. 


It has a straightforward calling feature and video calls happen with a simple tap. The additional features of the app include sending texts, share media files, stickers, and more. WhatsApp is a secured video calling app with no display ads. Download the app so as to start instant video calling. 




Tango is also a top-rated video calling app with multiple features so as to support the calls. It is a third-party messaging tool available now so as to deliver flawless communication. Gradually it modifies into a messaging tool, with top-class voice and video calling. The tool is excellent for Android devices so as to support free calls. 


Tango supports remote video calling for teams in different industrial sectors. The other features include text messaging, videos, stickers, locations, and more. Broadcast live videos on the app so as to promote the brand. 




Kik has gained quick fame so as to become a popular video calling app. It is referred to as a video and text chat app. Some of the notable features include group chat, easy support of media files, stickers, and more. 


Small businesses can select Kik so as to connect with remote working employees and clients. It is easy to register into the Android supporting app and support the safe exchange of information. 




The video calling app supports all android tools so as to ensure encrypted sharing of data. It is among the popular messaging tools in use and provides free access to consumers. The app has no extra charges and uses filters so as to make relevant calls. 


LINE is a cross-platform app that allows making calls with a cell phone or computer. Download the video calling app so as to make easy calls using android phones. It is possible to do a group video call with up to 150 individuals and more. 




It is a video calling app suited for businesses or consumers with privacy issues. Signal offers private and end-to-end encryption so as to protect vital data. The android video chat app is supporting encrypted calls for up to five individuals. The Signal video calling app supports no ads of any so as to ensure uninterrupted video calling. 


Download the app for free so as to send a protected text message and make video calls. It has all the features of a standard messenger so as to deliver top-rated private messaging service. 


Final Thoughts!


Start using protected video calling apps to gain a sustainable competitive edge! The above-listed app is among the top favorites in the market and also the Google Play Store. Select a video calling app so as to make meetings productive and streamline the current tasks. Businesses can get connected with their clients and inmates using secured video callings and text messaging. Collect more details of the selected video calling app so as to make calls after the download.


Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps for Android – 2021

11 October 2021








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