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Humans have been loving gadgets for a very long time and with the advancement of time, this love for gadgets has only increased. Well, there was an era where a person was required to carry a long list of devices for fulfilling his daily needs like a walkman, calculator, camera, and much more but then came a device that included all these features in one place and it was mobile phones. There is no denial in the fact that mobile phones were first introduced for calling and messages only but slowly, mobile phones converted into mini-computers. 


Nowadays, you can do almost all the tasks on a mobile phone that you do on your computer and with the influx of the internet, mobile phones have become one of the most important gadgets that are used in every corner of the world. From accessing the internet to taking pictures, you can do a long list of things from your mobile phones and with time, mobile phones are becoming more advanced. Now, many poor people are owning a mobile phone with all the features since the increasing demand for mobile phones has reduced its price to a great extent. 


But if you are owning a mobile phone then there are a couple of things that you will need to take care of in order to make sure that you are making the most of your mobile phones without any issue. Well, one of the biggest issues that most people face with mobile phones is it slows down and if you are dealing with a similar type of issue then you don’t need to worry as there are many ways through which you can make sure a mobile phone is working properly. 


Too many apps downloaded 


There is no denial in the fact that everyone loves using apps and nowadays, apps have become inherent in mobile phones. If you will not have apps on your mobile phone then you will only be limited to calling and messaging since everything on the mobile phone is done through apps. From making bank transactions to accessing social media sites, if you want a seamless experience then you will have to download apps. But there are many people who download unnecessary apps on their mobile phones and this is the main reason behind the slow down of mobile phones in most cases. 


Well, if you haven’t checked which apps you have downloaded and if your mobile phone is slowing down then it’s high time for you to check if there are any unnecessary apps on your mobile phone that you downloaded and forget about it. Keep only those apps on your mobile phone that you use regularly otherwise install all the apps that you downloaded for one-time use. 


Too many apps running in the background 


In addition to too many apps, there is one more app-related reason that makes your mobile phone slow and that is too many apps running in the background. There is nothing wrong with using 10 to 20 apps every day but you need to make sure that all the apps are not running in the background. Most people are used to opening an app then they don’t close it rather they just click on the back button and shift to another app. Well, all the apps that you close might not be showing on your screen but they keep on running in the background and they keep on using your RAM. Well, this is what leads to the slow down of your mobile phone and this is what you will need to avoid. 


All that you need to do in order to get rid of this issue is check which apps are running in the background. If you are using an Android phone then you will just have to click on the 3 lines on the left side of your mobile phone and all the apps running in the background will appear on your screen. Just close all the apps and you will see a boost in speed. 


Outdated mobile phones


The speed at which modern-day mobile phones are becoming outdated is increasing at a very fast pace. There used to be a time when you could have kept using the same mobile phone for many years without dealing with any issue but that is not the case now. Well, even mobile companies know that if their mobile phone will not become outdated quickly then they will not be able to generate sales and this is why they keep on adding new features one by one in every version instead of introducing everything at once. So, if you are using an outdated mobile phone then there are maximum chances that will slow down. 


You must have noticed that with time, the size of the apps keeps on increasing since just every a couple of days, you must be getting an update for the existing app on your mobile phone. Well, the mobile phone that was using might not have much memory according to the current size of apps and this can lead to a slow down of your mobile phone. The only way to deal with this issue is to get a new mobile phone. 




Another main reason why you are dealing with a slowdown of mobile phones is your mobile phone might be affected by a virus. Well, it is one of the most common reasons why most modern-day mobile phones slow down but this doesn’t mean that your mobile phone is vulnerable to different types of viruses lurking on the internet, this simply means that you are using the mobile phone in the wrong way. There are many people who downloaded apps and other files from unknown sources other than Play Store and this is what gives an invitation for the virus to infect your mobile phone. 


If you don’t want any type of virus to affect your mobile phone then one of the best things that you can do is to install a good anti-virus on your mobile phone. There are many free anti-viruses available for mobile phones and you can choose any one of them. 


Cache data 


Another very common reason why you are dealing with a slow mobile phone is you have lots of cache data on your mobile phone. Well, every task that you perform on your mobile phone leaves a trace and all these traces build up as cache in your mobile phone. If you haven’t checked cache data on your mobile for a long time then it’s high time for you to check the size of the cache data as in many cases, cache data is the main culprit behind your mobile phone slowing down. 


Most mobile phones come with in-built features that allow you to check and clear cache data but if your mobile phone doesn’t have such features then you can use a mobile cleaning app in order to get rid of the large size of cache data. 

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01 June 2021


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