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The digital revolution has changed a lot of things around and therefore, you will need to change your approach accordingly. Now, everyone has moved to the digital platform and everything is done through the internet. From shopping for a needle to find a perfect groom, everything is being done online. In such a scenario, you can no longer rely on the traditional methods as they are going to make you less effective and less efficient as well. Well, the influx of digitization has affected all the fields and recruitment is not an exception to this trend. 


Gone are those days when we were used to be limited to finding ads in the paper and then applying for the job through offline mode or just by vising the office of the company. In the modern era, recruitment has become a fast-paced process where everyone is using the power of the internet either to get hired or to hire the best candidate. Well, you will need to use a similar kind of approach as this is not only an effective method but also make the hiring process quick and more efficient. And when we talk about recruitment then there is no way we can ignore the power of the most popular platform on the internet; Linkedin. 


Unlike other social interaction platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Linkedin is a completely professional website where like-minded people meet each other in order to get benefits. Almost all the major companies out there are present on the Linkedin platform and this is why, if you are looking forward to getting selected in the top companies then you should focus on making a profile on Linkedin.


But do you really know how to make a professional-looking Linkedin profile? Let’s find out through this blog post. 


Choose a professional photograph 


One of the main things that you will have to do in order to make a professional profile on Linkedin is to choose a professional-looking profile picture. Since it will be used for professional purposes only, the profile picture can’t look informal. You should never use filters, a picture of you with your family or friends on the beach, or anything else. 


The best approach is to use a professional-looking passport-size photo as it will look good if you will be applying for any company. If you are not sure about which type of photo you should use for your Linkedin profile then you can simply check the profile picture of other professional people on Linkedin. 


Mention your past companies 


If you are looking forward to applying for some of the best companies on Linkedin then you should start by mentioning your experience. You should know that Linkedin provides a dedicated space for mentioning the name of all the companies where you earlier worked. 


You should never miss the opportunity to use this space all the companies or HR people who will be visiting your profile are surely going to check your past experience. You should mention the period of the work and the name of the companies where you have worked earlier. 


Remain an active user 


It doesn’t matter whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, no one likes to visit or interact with an account that is not active and the same goes for Linkedin as well. If you are really interested in getting in touch with HR professionals and if you really want them to like your profile then you will need to remain active. 


You can remain an active user on Linkedin by simply commenting on some of the posts in the form of blogs and articles or you can post your own blogs and articles. You can also participate in some discussions to remain an active user. 


Rethink your connect strategy 


Another important thing that you can do in order to remain active and make your profile on Linkedin look professional is to rethink your connect strategy. Most people make the mistake of just sending requests to many people without having a proper plan and you must stay away from such a type of mistake. 


Before sending a request to anyone, you should always sync your email address with Linkedin as this will allow you to get connected with people you already know. In addition to this, you can also make sure that your industry is updated and you can even add a personalized note to all the connection requests. 


Include action-oriented experience 


You should know that you can easily optimize this part of your profile by treating it as a work experience section of your resume. But in addition to adding just the name of the companies in this section, you can also include action-oriented experience. You can use the power of action-oriented bullet points and all work-related achievements. 


This will allow all the people visiting your profile to know more about you and that too in a professional way. You will not need to keep on explaining to everyone where you have worked in the past and therefore, using the experience section is very necessary on Linkedin. 


Incorporate keywords in your profile 


If you wish to pop up on the top of the search result of the companies who are looking forward to hiring the best candidates then the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you are incorporating keywords in your profile. 


You should know that by incorporating the right keywords, you can magically pop up at the top of the search result of the HR professionals and this will increase your chances of getting selected. 


If you will master the art of using the Linkedin platform then you can easily get selected by some of the best companies out there. But just using LinkedIn is not enough as you will also have to make sure that you are working on building a professional-looking profile that will attract all the HR professionals out there. 

Top 6 ways to make professional-looking Linkedin Profile

18 August 2021


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