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The advent of the digital platform has surely acted as a magic wand for most of the businesses out there. Before the arrival of the digital platform, people didn’t have any other option than putting up a lot of upfront cost in building the infrastructure and base required to run even a basic business but with the arrival of the internet, entering into any industry became a pie. Now, in the modern era, all the firms out there from different industries are using the power of the internet in various different ways.


But you should know that even the digital platform comes along with a wide array of challenges and if you will not deal with challenges in a precise way then you will have to deal with a lot of trouble. One such issue that most of the firms dealing on the digital platform have to deal with is cybersecurity.


With time, the number of cyberattacks is increasing all around the world and this is causing a lot of trouble to all the firms out there. But you don’t need to worry about it as there are many different ways through which you can deal with such issues. And this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.


Phishing attacks


Your employees must be dealing with emails on a regular basis as email is one of the most common mediums of communication used by all the firms out there. But you should know that online criminals have found a way to trick you into clicking on malicious links through emails as well and this is what is known as phishing. You will be surprised to know that phishing is one of the most common types of cyber risks that most of the firms out there have to deal with on a regular basis.

Network probes


One of the main aims of all the online criminals out there is to gain access to your computer and the network and they will do so by sending a probe that will find weak points in the system in order to enter it. You should also know that all these types of cyberattacks are immediate ones and this will scan your entire system for all the possible entries. In order to deal with this type of cyber risk, you will have to start using network monitoring.


Brute force cracking


There are many firms out there that are not aware of this type of cyber attack but soon even this type of uncommon cyber attack will become a new normal for everyone out there. This type of cyber attack is basically a type of trial and error method that is used for decoding different types of data like data encryption standards keys or even passwords. You will need to start using a lookout privacy setting if you are looking forward to dealing with this type of attack.

Drive-by download


This is another one of the most common types of threats in which there is a program used for downloading your device information as soon as possible and that too without your knowledge or consent. You will be surprised to know that even just by clicking a link, your entire system can start a drive download, and this way, you will lose valuable information from your drive that will be later used by the criminals in order to demand money or anything else.




If you are keeping tabs on the digital platform and if you are aware of some of the most common tricks used by online criminals in order to gain access to data and systems then you must be aware of ransomware. In this type of attack, the online criminal will gain access to your data and for returning the data back to your firm, they will start demanding ransomware. Recently, many health-related companies were hit by this type of attack and you should know that it can turn out to be one of the worst types of attacks out there.


Distributed denial of services


If someone will ask you about one of the most common types of attacks used by online criminals then you can take the name of distributed denial of services as one of the best examples. This is basically used to compromise the business system by overwhelming it with traffic from various different sources. If you will have to deal with this type of attack then it can turn out to be one of your worst nightmares.


Advanced Persistent Threat Attack


This is that type of cyber attack in which an unauthorized user will have access to a network and the worst part is that he will hibernate there for an extended period of time. You should know that one of the main goals of this type of attack is to gather as much information as possible basically through code rewrites and even advanced subterfuge technique is used in order to crash the entire system.


There are many firms out there that have to shut their doors forever just because they were not able to deal with the cyber attacks. Well, there are many different types of cyberattacks out there and you will have to come up with a full-proof strategy in order to deal with all the cyber attacks out there otherwise your growth and success will be compromised.

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29 April 2021


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