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Network marketing is a business system in which the products and services of a brand are released into the market through a series of interconnected distributors and agents. The agents are not employees of the business. Instead, they act as distributors by recruiting new agents and selling the products of the brand within their circles. 


Companies such as Amway and Tupperware follow a network marketing business system to promote and sell their products. Since the business model is different, the software to keep track of the sales and payments is also different. 


Known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software or Networking software, the software is an affiliate marketing management tool. The admins (from the business) can manage the network, the users (agents), commissions, referrals, and payouts using this software. The users can access their network status and compensation by logging into their respective accounts. 


With more businesses following the network marketing model, many companies have started releasing MLM software to help enterprises manage their sales, agents, and profits. The software has most of the basic components the business would require. The rest of the elements can be added through software customization. Right from the layout to the plans, there is no limit to the elements that can be customized in the software. 


So how do we identify the Best Network Marketing Software in the market? Take a look at the features listed below. Any software that is not flexible or doesn’t allow customization is not of much use to the enterprises.


Features of Network Marketing Software


  • Backup System

    • Having a strong backup system is undeniable essential in today’s world. When most of the data is available digitally, saving a copy of it becomes necessary. 

    • Store crucial information in a remote encoded server that is fully protected from unauthorized access.

    • An online backup system will automatically update the latest information into the backup copy. If any unforeseen incident takes place, there will be only a minimum or no loss of data. 


  • Payment Gateway

    • A payment gateway is a portal that allows enterprises to sell their products through the website and accept payments from the customers in the same transaction. 

    • The amount is credited to the bank account of the merchant after the payment is made by the customer. 

    • Following the security protocols is a must to keep the data safe and secure from hackers and fraudsters. 

    • A scam detection and prevention mechanism as a part of the software will ensure that the transactions are genuine. 


  • Ticket Management System


      Providing customer support is a vital part of any business. By integrating the MLM software with the ticket support system, queries from customers can be assigned with a ticket for the support staff to follow up and provide a satisfactory solution. 


    • The tickets are generated based on the significance of the query. The system also helps in analyzing the problems and providing the appropriate solutions. 

    • Other features such as sending email notifications to the customers, preserving the feedback obtained from customers, analyzing the time spent on solving the queries and closing the tickets, etc. are a part of the system.


  • Advanced Reporting System

    • Generating reports can be a time-consuming task. Not anymore. By using the advanced reporting system, various reports related to the business can be generated within minutes. 

    • Complete summary, billing the recent orders, listing the top products, shipping information, the status of orders, tax-related data, etc. can be complied by using multiple filters. 

    • The software provides numerous templates with auto-fill options to enter data from various folders. This reduces the risk of human error. 


Benefits of Network Marketing Software


There are many benefits of using the Best Network Marketing Software to streamline the business model and increase profits.


  • The web-based software can be accessed from any part of the world. It allows an enterprise to expand its market across the globe. 

  • The software can be integrated with other web apps and websites to provide more opportunities for the business. 

  • The websites can be accessed from all devices. The display and layout will be automatically adjusted based on the screen size of the device used. No part of the information will be lost. 

  • Enterprises can integrate various e-commerce systems and create a place to manage their sales through the website.

  • The company which provides the network marketing software will be available 24*7 to provide technical support to the enterprises. 

  • The software is highly scalable and extensible. As the business network grows, the software can be updated to accommodate the increasing volume of the business. 


You can contact the top company for more information about creating and customizing network marketing software that is best suited for your business model. 

What Are the Features of the Best Network Marketing Software?

19 December 2019


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