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There is no denial in the fact that the way we manage and run business has been drastically changing. Well, there are many factors that have contributed to these changes in almost all the industries out there like globalization, change in market needs, shifting demands but one of the major factors that have affected the whole world at a very fast pace is the technological evolution. You should know that we are living in an era where technology is evolving at a very fast pace and one of the best gifts that technology has given to us is automation. 


There are many technological solutions that have allowed us to shift from manual workload to automation and one such technological solution that has taken automation to a whole new level is Robotic Process Automation. 


If you keep tabs on the world of technology then you must have heard about Robotic Process Automation. There are many businesses out there that are still relying on outdated, time-consuming, and redundant functions like accessing files and data entry. But if a business will decide to automate all these processes then it will be able to save both time and money. 


There is no denial in the fact that before the advent of Robotic Process Automation, people and businesses used to have limited options when it came to automation but with the advent of Robotic Process Automation, businesses have now a wide array of options to automate with ease. All the businesses out there looking forward to embracing modern-day technology should not miss the opportunity to use the power of Robotic Process Automation as currently, it is one of the most promising technologies out there.


So, without any further ado, let’s discuss the top 7 key features of Robotic Process Automation in a detailed manner. 




When it comes to using any type of technology then one of the main things that most people worry about is security but you don’t have to worry about security while using the power of Robotic Process Automation. You should know that almost all the RPA tools include role-based security capabilities.


This type of feature of RPA allows the tool to have action-specific permission and this is how RPA is made more secure and safe for all the users and the businesses out there. 


Rich-analytical suite 


If you are going to use any type of Robotic Process Automation software then you are definitely going to enjoy the rich-analytical suite and you should know that this rich-analytical tool discovers the performance of the robot workforce. Almost all the firms out there level Robotic Process Automation monitors and they always manage almost all the automated functions from a central console. 


The console used in this case can be managed from anywhere and they usually offer basic metrics on servers, workflows, and even robots. This feature of Robotic Process Automation helps in easy tracking and it streamlines the future workload as well. 


Simple bot creating interface 


Although there are many features of  Robotic Process Automation that have made it a new normal in almost all the businesses out there the simple bot creating an interface is one of the most unique features of Robotic Process Automation. In the case of Robotic Process Automation, you can easily create bots and you can even capture mouse clicks and Keystore with built-in screen recorder components. 


There are many different types of RPA products in the market that comes with an option to create and edit bots on a manual basis. This is usually done with the help of the Task Editor. 


Source control 


This is another unique feature of Robotic Process Automation that has made it a go-to technological solution for many firms out there. This method enables secure storage of every version of the process and while using this method, there is no risk of deletion as well. 


With the help of the source control method, developers can easily examine the difference between different versions of a certain process as this will allow them to know what has really changed. Just like this, the control room component in RPA helps in handling bot versions and scheduling bots. 


Hosting and deployment options 


You must understand that the Robotic Process Automation has been specially designed to offer customer deployment across virtual machines, cloud, and even terminal services. Among all the other deployment options, cloud deployment attracts a vast majority of customers for its flexibility and scalability. 


This unique feature comprises a type of agentless configuration and it also eliminates the problem of central server synchronization. This simply means that businesses can install Robotic Process Automation on desktop and then deploy it on servers to access data. This is another unique and useful feature of Robotic Process Automation. 




One of the biggest benefits of using the power of Robotic Process Automation from a development perspective is that the Robotic Process Automation has the capability to go through a process and then adjust that process dynamically. There are some Robotic Process Automation tools out there that require stopping running for making changes and then replicate the process. 


Then there are those Robotic Process Automation tools that allow dynamic interaction while debugging. In addition to this, it also allows changing variable values for testing all the different scenarios without start and stop running. 


Seamless integration 


Last but not the least; while using any type of Robotic Process Automation software solution, you can always go for seamless integration and this is what makes Robotic Process Automation more useful and effective. You should know that the core enterprise RPA integration is now merging with different types of 3rd party applications in the digital infrastructure of businesses. 


If you are looking forward to using the Robotic Process Automation software tool in your business then you should do it without any second thoughts as RPA offers a long list of benefits that you can harness without any issue and without spending a fortune. 

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Top 7 key features of RPA

18 August 2021


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