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If you keep tabs on the technological world then you must have seen that in the past couple of years, the world of technology has been moving at a very fast speed. We can surely say that we are living in an era where every year, a new type of technological solution is popping up in the market and this is what is making us more effective and efficient. From AI to cloud computing, from IoT to big data, there are many new technological solutions that are changing many things around us. But in this blog post, we are going to discuss one of the most revolutionary technologies; blockchain. 


You should know that blockchain is not many decades old technological solution but still, it has made a name in the entire world. It is the effectiveness and versatile nature of blockchain that has made it a billion-dollar industry where more and more firms are looking forward to using this technological solution in one way or another. 


Blockchain is not only safe and secure but it is going to become a unified way we send and receive money. Blockchain came into existence in the year 2008 when people were looking for different ways to create P2P money without the interface of banking institutions. In addition to this blockchain solved an important problem that people were facing with the transaction- trust. 


By using the power of blockchain, two people living in different countries who never knew each other can start trusting each other without any issue and this is what made blockchain a revolutionary technology. 


But in this blog post, we are going to discuss the top programming languages that can be used for blockchain development so that you can use blockchain without any issue. 




This might be one of the most famous programming languages that are used all around the world and you should know that it is basically an object-oriented programming language that was initially used by the founders of Bitcoin. This programming language was basically preferred by many people because of its wide array of capabilities like function overloading, multi-threading, and runtime polymorphism. 


In addition to all the above-mentioned features, this programming language is used by most developers because of its memory controlling capabilities. If you are looking forward to blockchain development then you can use C++ without any issue. One of the main reasons why C++ is used for blockchain development is it can handle both parallel and non-parallel tasks with ease. 




This is another popular programing language that is used all over the world and you should know that this is one of the favorite programming languages for many developers. If you are a rookie to the world of programing language and you don’t have any type of certification then sticking with Pythom makes sense. As a rookie web developer, you will always find Python easy to use as it will allow you to create prototypes without the need of working on complicated codes and then running those codes to check whether it will be effective or not. 


Although there are many benefits of using this powerful and easy-to-use programing language one of the main reasons why Python has been included in this list comes with open-source support. As a developer, you will always have the option of choosing from thousands of resources and plugins when you will start working on blockchain development. You should know that Python is one of the most preferred programming languages when it comes to blockchain development. 




Just like C++ and Python, Java is also a very popular programming language that is used by many developers from all around the world. It is a popular object-oriented programming language that you can use for blockchain development without worrying about anything. With the help of Java, you can always write highly portable codes on any system, and that too with the help of the powerful Java Virtual Machine. 


If you are planning to create an immutable and simple blockchain then Java will be a perfect choice for you. One of the best things about Java is its ability to port as this is one of the unique features that you will not find anywhere else. With the feature of portability, you can always write and run codes from any platform as long as you have Java Virtual Machine for the execution process. If you are looking forward to some challenges rather than simple coding then you should always use Java without any second thoughts. 




This might not be as famous as other programming languages on the list but it doesn’t mean that this programming language is less effective for blockchain development. But you should use this powerful programming language only if you are a pro developer as this programming language is not as easy as other programming languages listed in this blog. 


If you are looking forward to blockchain networks on Ethereum Virtual Machine then Solidity can turn out to be a good choice even in this case. You should know that Solidity was initially developed by Ethereum and the main goal behind making this platform was to simply help all the developers to create Blockchain networks over their platform. 


One of the best things about Solidity is that it is a dedicated programming language for blockchain development only and this is why this programing language s got all the tools and add-ons that you might need for blockchain development. 


But as discussed above, you should use this powerful programming language only if you have the proper knowledge and if you have proper experience as a developer.


Blockchain has lots of opportunities and soon it will become a new normal in many parts of the world. If you are looking forward for blockchain development then you can use all the programming langauges listed in this blog post as they all are highly effective. 

Which programming languages are best for blockchain development?

18 August 2021


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