The Best First-Person Shooter Games Of All Time

First-person shooter games are a big craze in the gaming world. There are various advantages of playing a first-person shooter game like, you can go at your own pace, you don’t need to keep checking for an online connection, no one will be there to scream on the headphones and no one can blame you for your mistakes.

The world of gaming has witnessed several brilliant first-person shooter games which have been welcomed and played by gamers from every corner of the world. Therefore, we will now go through some of the best first-person shooter games of all time so that you can travel through the world of gaming from a first-person shooter gaming point of view.

1. Half-life (1998)

The science fiction first-person shooter game changed the gaming world completely. You will not be able to say such things for many games, but the mix of goofy sci-fi and realism made this game stand out from the crowd. The very famous game has been copied several times, over and over again and besides its technological achievements, every scene of the game is still breathtaking.

2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

The 4th installment in the Call of Duty series became a benchmark for console shooter games just after its release. It was a mix of the great experience of Call of Duty game and multiplayer mode. The game starts with the World War II phase and then it takes you down to an adventurous first-person shooter adventure.

3. Far Cry 2 (2008)

This was the second installment in the Far Cry series and it worked really well for the developers as well as for the gamers and it was because of the different approach of first-person shooter game by Far Cry 2. Playing a mercenary who is heading to Africa, killing people and collecting money, nothing can be much more interesting than this.

4. Wolfenstein 3D (1992)

Developed by the id Software and published by Apogee software, this first-person shooter game became a groundwork for numerous games which were launched after its release. Inspired by the 1981 game Castle Wolfenstein, this game was the third installment in the series of Wolfenstein games.

5. Counter Strike (1999)

The small-scale group involved first-person shooter game is one of the most legendary first-person shooter games ever released. Still, after 18 years of release, you will feel the same excitement and thrill as you were playing it for the first time in 1999.

6. Battlefield 1942

While you must remember this game with its iconic soundtrack, but that’s just icing on the cake. The arcade-friendly WWII shooter game can keep you busy for hours and that’s because of its highly engaging gameplay and the ability to drive various vehicles including jeep, tank and even planes.

7. Medal of Honor

If you don’t own a very high tech console and if you don’t have a PC, then this classic game can still give you goosebumps. Brilliant storyline, awesome controls and the different scenes of the game are just awe-inspiring.

So, if you are a first-person shooter lover then you must play the above-mentioned games, at least for once in your life otherwise you can’t call yourself a true FPS maniac.

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