Explore The Space with These 7 Best Space Apps

The infinite space has got lots of mysteries and secrets in itself, right from the starting of the big bang to the currently expanding universe, every little information about the space is always thrilling and exciting. But even you know that you can’t travel in the space to explore it through your own eyes so let’s take the best possible way to be updated on the latest happenings in space which is space apps.

So, if you want to explore the space with the latest updates to the old theories, then here are the 7 best space apps for it.


Who can build a better app to explore the space other than the leaders in space exploration NASA itself. Yes, the best space app which you will ever come across is NASA. With over 15,000 images, latest update and videos, this space app keeps you informed about the latest happening in space.

2. Space Images

The Space Images app has been developed by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. The very useful apps offer you awe-inspiring images of the various planets, galaxies, stars and much more. You can also set these images as the background wallpaper of your phone. Isn’t that great?

3. ISS Spotter

The international space station can be an exciting thing to explore, but knowing the right time to look at it can prove to be a bit difficult. The ISS Spotter or the International Space Station Spotter keeps a check on the ISS whenever there is a visible pass. You can also set alarm to see the ISS when it’s in your sight.

4. Star Chart

Without any recent updates, the Star Chart is still a great app to explore the space through the formation of different stars. The Star Chart is a brilliant augmented reality astronomy app. You will have to simply point your phone in the sky and the Star Chart app will show you what you are looking at.

5. Night Sky

This app is great for those people who are looking to see the augmented reality, but through the glasses of celestial objects. With the help of this great app, you can explore 115,000 new celestial objects with accurate recreations of lunar landing sites. You can integrate this app with your Apple watch and then you can use your wrist as a celestial compass as well.

6. GoSatWatch

If your quest for satellite hasn’t found any right sailor yet, then GoSatWatch can help you for sure.  This space app helps you to track satellites in real-time. With an overhead sky track view, you can always keep a check on which satellites are above you in the space.

7. Pocket Universe

If your love for astronomy keeps increasing day by day, then the Pocket Universe app can become your best friend. You can use this space app to explore the solar system while taking virtual walks on the moon’s surface.

So, based on your likes in the space, you can choose any of the space apps from the above-mentioned list and go into the world which is still unexplored.

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