New shortcuts for Siri coming in Beta version

The WWDC gave some good news for the Apple fans and it also ended the long wait for Apple users, who were waiting for some improvements in the Siri. Apple announced that the new improvements are in the form of shortcuts and it will be added to the upcoming iOS 12.

But since the new improvement won’t make any change to the interpreting skills of Siri, many people are saying that this is not the right way to move on with the improvements in Siri while Apple’s strong point has always been the ecosystem of the device and the apps which run on them.

With the new Shortcut improvements, we might witness how Siri becomes a useful function for the users rather than just being a digital voice to talk.

The shortcut app will allow you to program a single or multiple actions on your Apple device with a single command to Siri and this will make Siri much more useful for the users while increasing effectiveness.

During the conference, Apple showed a wide array of uses for the new shortcut like if you will say ‘I lost my keys’ to Siri then it will switch on your Tile Bluetooth tracker which will then help you to find your keys.

Now you will not have to fumble around Siri for getting your work done. You just have to program the shortcut app in order to make Siri do things in a single voice command. The software comes with hundreds of pre-customized and downloadable shortcuts. For example, if you will say ‘heading home’ then Siri will set your thermostat to 70 degrees and it will now also tell you that how much time it will take you to reach your home.

Other than the shortcut improvement, there are now some new suggestions for the Siri as well.  Now Siri will ask you whether you want to send a message to your co-workers if you are late for the office or remind you to turn your phone to silent when you are watching a movie.

In order to add shortcuts to the app’s features, the developers were given a ‘sample code’ but still no any date for the launch of the new improvements has been declared by Apple, but looking at the past trend of the Apple, so it’s expected to come with the new iOS  update.

But the fun thing in this new improvement will be the availability of customizing the Siri according to yourself even with a third party application. In addition to this, you will also have  a dedicated shortcut app

The first primary setup will be launched on the iPhone and then soon it will be launched on other devise as well.


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