The Next Plan of NASA is to Send Robo-Bees on Mars

Space exploration has been a curious and most interesting part of the human era. From putting the first step on the moon to landing on Mars, space exploration has seen many transformations which have been made possible by great research centers like NASA, ESA, ISRO and with private companies like SpaceX.

You must be aware of the landers and rovers exploring the Mars, which allowed us to have a closer look at the red planet and the Mars mission through landers and rovers gave us some new explorations like the atmospheric dynamics, Martian dust devils, modern water, etc. But now after the arrival of landers and rover, NASA will be soon sending robo-bees on Mars to have a more in-depth analysis of the red planet.

According to the resources, NASA is now funding a preliminary work which is on the development of a flapping wing aerospace architecture or what is being called as Marsbees as their new technology for exploring the environment of Mars.

There is a team of Japanese and American engineers who are working and hoping to send a team of drones into the environment of Mars. These drones are inspired by the bees and that’s why they are being called as Marsbee. If things go well then they can become the first robo-bees on Mars.

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”raised” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#aad4f3″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]NASA has allowed this innovative research funding under their project of Innovative Advanced Concepts which chooses particular early concept ideas for the purpose of space exploration on a yearly basis. The team of scientists from America and Japan is hoping that with the help of NASA, they will be able to able to send a swarm of robo-bees on Mars which will be capable enough to explore the red planet.[/dropshadowbox]

These highly advance Marsbees will be dependent upon a rover, which will act as a central command station for all the Marsbees and will also act as a charging point for them.  Moreover, the rover will also collect the data from Marsbees and help it sending them back to Earth.

The bee inspired drones are being called as ‘robotic flapping wing flyers of a bumblebee size with cicada-sized wings’ by the scientists. The large wings of the drones will help them to manage through the much thinner atmosphere of Mars.

But one question which must be pounding in your mind is why bees are better than rovers? According to a research it has been found that the swarm of bees will prove to be much more efficient than the rovers because even if one of the robo-bees falls on the ground, others will be able to compensate for it. In addition to this, each bee can be assigned a particular task and when required, they will be able to work as a team for bigger projects.

But you don’t need to get too excited for the robo-bees as they are still in its concept stage and the team working behind it still needs to get many things in the right place for actually sending the robo-bees on Mars.


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