The Hidden Tips And Tricks Of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great solution for exploring and browsing the internet. It is one of the easiest ways to use web browsers and it also provides an enhanced experience of browsing. Other than Google Chrome, this is the most used web browser in the whole world. But by adding a couple of expert tips and tricks of Mozilla Firefox, you will be able to use this popular web browser in a better way. There are many tricks and tips in the Mozilla Firefox and most of these are hidden from the users as they don’t know much about it.

So, through this blog post, we will look at the top tips and tricks of Mozilla Firefox which will make you a master at using Mozilla Firefox.

1. Smart Keyword

If you use a particular search in most cases, then this tool can prove to be magical for you. For using the smart keyword, right click on the search box, and then choose “Add a keyword for this search”. After that, give a name to that keyword (an easy to type and remember) and then save it.

2. AutoComplete

This is another very useful tool of the browser but most of the people aren’t aware about it. Move to the address bar and then type the name of a site without www or .com. Let’s take an example of Facebook. If you type Facebook in the address bar, it will automatically fill the www and .com. In case of .net, use Shift + Enter and for .org, use Cntrl+Shift+Enter.

3. Tab Previews

There is a great feature in Mozilla which allows you to see the thumbnail preview of your open tabs. But you should know that, for using the preview, you will have to go to the aforementioned about: config interface to do it. This feature comes with a warning that it can hamper your performance but it isn’t true.

4. Manage multiple tabs through Keyboards

The very popular browser has the function of showing you multiple tabs but do you know that you can manage these multiple tabs with the help of Keyboards. You can use Ctrl+Tab for going forward in tabs, Ctrl + Shift+ Tab for moving to the previous tab, Ctrl+1-9 to move to a particular tab.

5. Limit RAM usage

If Mozilla Firefox is taking extra memory of your computer then you can limit the amount of RAM it usage. For doing so, move to about:config, then filter “browser.cache” and choose “browser.cache.disk.capacity” . The default setting is 50000 but you can decrease it. If you have 512 MB to 1GB RAM then you can try 15000.

6. Remove items from address bar

Firefox shows the URL of the previously visited website in the address bar and it proves to be pretty helpful and easy but sometimes you may not want others to see those URLs. For removing such items, go to the address bar, start typing the website name and as the URL in drop-down list appears, press the delete key to remove it from the list.

So try these tips and tricks of Mozilla Firefox and make your easy browsing life effective, quick and smarter.


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