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1. Geometry Dash


Geometry dash is not a standalone game; instead, it is a series of five video games developed by Swedish game dev Robert Topala. One of them is Geometry dash apk, and the other four are Geometry dash world, geometry dash meltdown, geometry dash lite, and geometry dash dungeon. It is a simple-looking game with pretty straightforward control, actually, just tap but obnoxiously challenging. 


It may get so hard on some occasions that you might stretch your hair off the head. A rhythm-based and fast-paced gameplay is its core. When you start playing the game, you get to control the self-moving block. Obstacles are placed strategically, and you have to make your block jump over them. Few obstacles may get your game in slow motion or invert the gravity. Block may suddenly change into a space shuttle or a robot after passing through some obstacles.



2. Getting Over it


One of the most annoying yet satisfying, if completed, games of all time. I suspect you already have tried this and found yourself in a deep sea of frustration. This so-called "annoying game" has driven many gamers crazy to the point that they have, actually, broken their stuff. If you have ever seen its gameplay, it seems to be quite easy and straightforward. Don't befool yourself by watching gameplay. If you choose to enter its playground, you might find yourself in a never-ending journey full of absolute annoyance.


But still, you would crave to get back to give yourself a dose of another thrill. The storyline is pretty simple. You play as a half-naked character sitting in a pot and holding a hammer in his hand. To your surprise, you cannot break the pot nor leave the hammer. You are placed on a big mountain, and your purpose is to climb, rather hike it and reach to the top. The controls are also simple-looking; you have to use your mouse to move the hammer and the character. Now, go and give yourself the joy of completing it.



Credit: google play store




I can guarantee you have PUBG installed on your mobile device. PUBG is the infamous online battle royal game that has revolutionized mobile gaming completely. There are two versions of it that are available on mobile devices. These are pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite. The lite version is for low-end mobile devices available in the market. 


PUBG has impressed the whole gaming community by its extensive graphics and gameplay mechanics. Everything is so detailed and immersive that it seems a real-world experience. Not only it revolutionized mobile gaming but ultimately turned around mobile esports.


The storyline of PUBG is very vast. You get the options to choose from a myriad of game modes like classic, arena, training, and others. If we talk about classic matches, you are dropped on an island; four maps are available to choose from, with 99 others. It is basically a survival game that means the one who survives till the end of the match will win. I highly recommend installing, if you have not yet, it and giving it a shot. You gonna fall in love with, I bet.





4. Duet


All of the puzzle games' fan, you are going to like the duet for sure. Duet is a puzzle, more of a hypnotic puzzle, based game developed by Australia based game dev Kumobius in 2013. In duet, you control the pair of vessels, more of a dot, and save them from being hit by incoming obstacles. The control system is pretty easy but requires excellent eye-hand coordination to beat it.


The whole game is designed to give a trance type of experience. I would not suggest playing this game unless you are not susceptible to hypnosis. Playing this game might prove dangerous to those who are highly vulnerable to trance.



credit: google play store


5. Smash hit


Another on the list is the game called Smash it developed by the Swedish indie game dev Mediocre. It is an endless first-person runner game. With a decorative platform moving forward steadily and synchronized music, it gives a beautiful gaming experience. The pace of the game does not change except for the game over. 

The player starts on this platform with 25 balls in his bag with which he can shoot at the obstacles. You have to be very precise and wise in timing to shoot these balls. If you do not properly use them, you will lose the game. The obstacles may be moving or stationary. In the end, I would say it is a sure test of timing, focus, and concentration. 



credit: google play store


6. Beamdog


Beamdog, a Canadian game developer company, has developed many challenging games. Some of them are MDK, Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale, Planescape, etc. They mostly deal with RPGs, and each game has dozens of hours of the storyline. They have a very deep storyline, some going through 20+ hours. Of course,

those who have not played such games should not attempt at it. They may become very hard on some plots of the story. In the end, I would suggest trying it.





7. Final Fantasy IV


As one of the hardest RPG games ever, Final Fantasy IV, previously available for Nintendo, has now been launched on mobile devices. Final Fantasy IV, known as Fantasy II in North America, is an RPG game developed by square. The storyline is pretty good. You are a hero who is on a mission to protect the powerful and mystical stones from the villain. For your help, you receive a group of allies that changes on a regular interval.


You get to control a whole group to complete your mission of protecting crystals from the demon. You can interact with people and fight enemies. The group is placed in the field with many other items like towers, caves, etc. In the end, I would suggest getting your hands dirty in it.



credit: google play store


8. Go Free


Go free is the digital version of the go, an abstract strategy-based board game. It is developed by AI factory limited. As one of the most difficult board games you are going to play ever, it comes with a variety of options. These are 9x9, 13x13, and 19x19 boards. It also has ten different difficulty levels. Accompanied by local multiplayer mode, it gives you the complete user guide.


The aim is to capture as many as pieces you can. One who captures the most number of pieces wins the game. It does sound simple but it is not. I suggest trying your skills in easy difficulty and then climbing up the hill. If you jump to a greater difficulty at once, you may get a knee-jerk reaction. Beware of that, and enjoy this epic board game.



credit: google play store


9. Rayark Rhythm Games


Rayark, a game studio, has developed many rhythm games similar to the geometry dash series. They have mostly specialized in rhythm-based games. Cytus, cytus II, and VOEZ are among the most successful and popular rhythm-based games present on the google play store. Most of their game share the same story, music, and game mechanics, but they still generate differences between them. Like most rhythm-based games, these start as easy-going gameplay, and later on difficulty increases to the point of a nerve-wracking experience.



credit: google play store


10. Super Hexagon


Super Hexagon, an old arcade game, is developed by indie game dev Terry Cavanagh. It comes with simplistic gameplay mechanics. However, as the level continues, it gets harder and harder. It is a fast-paced game in which the player has to control the triangle on a hexagonal grid. It does not stop here; walls also keep moving and coming from the edge to distract the player.


Occasionally, these walls keep changing the direction to multiply the difficulty of the game. Not only this, but the background also keeps changing color to distract the player. It comes with six levels of hardness, starting with hard, harder, and hardest. 



credit: google play store




So, we have reached the end of this informative article. I hope you have enjoyed it and will get your hands dirty in one of these fantastic games. More the hardness more is the thrill. But I warn you do not to take this game too seriously, play, and enjoy them. Never get so mad at them that you lose the fun of it. Games are for fun and not getting you crazy. I hope you will take this advice a little too seriously and take games a little lightly. Now go and enjoy one of them. We will see you in the next article. GoodBye. 

Best Challenging games for Android

17 July 2020


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